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It didn’t take us long to realize the food in Mexico is incredible. However, to make sure we don’t miss out, we’re getting the help of fellow blogger Claudia Tavani , who’s going to give us the low down in her 10 must-try Mexican dishes.

I have been to Mexico three times, and each time I am pleasantly surprised by its food. There is little wonder Mexican cuisine has been declared Intangible Heritage by UNESCO: it is so varied and each region has its traditional dishes and special ingredients. Visiting a Mexican market is a joy for the eyes and for the palate, to the point that several places in Mexico now also offer guided street food walking tours. I have had the chance to try so many dishes in my travels, but there are 10 that I either fell in love with or that are so unique to Mexico that I think one simply cannot leave the country without having tried them.

10 Dishes You Must Try While in Mexico


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The fried grasshoppers are typical of Oaxaca. They are a snack, can be mixed in guacamole, and are thought a delicacy to accompany the best of Mezcal. I am not too keen on them, but they are interesting to see and try, just once!

Chile Relleno:

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A huge, dry chili pepper which is stuffed with beef and cheese (but there is also a vegetarian version) and dipped in beaten egg and fried, then served in a thin tomato broth.


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The most famous kind are Enchilada Suisas. These very rich semi-fried corn tortillas are filled with chicken and covered with cheese, sauce, cream and onion slices – just to make sure you don’t go to bed hungry.


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We all know what this is, right? But not all of us have seen it prepared right at our table, at a really good restaurant. A fancy waiter will take the avocado, mash it and add to it green tomatoes, chili, onion, garlic, coriander and other seasonings. Guacamole is served with Totopos (known in other countries as tortillas chips).


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Poorly translated as “chocolate sauce.” a good mole tastes nothing like it! The original recipe is a real mystery, but it definitely has ground chili, various spices and herbs, and a bit of cocoa and peanuts. It is used to accompany chicken or turkey and, in fancy restaurants, even duck. The Mole Poblano is a deep red and the Oaxaqueño is brown.


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This is a soup that can be found all over the country but is traditional from Distrito Federal, Guerrero, Jalisco and Morelos. It has corn, lettuce, sliced radish, and chopped onion and is served with dry oregano or chili peppers. While pozole doesn’t have tomatoes. My favourite kind is the vegetarian one (which also is vegan, by the way), but the most traditional one is made with shredded pork.


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The Mexican version of grilled cheese, only so much better! Quesadillas are grilled tortillas filled with cheese and whatever else you want: chorizo, mushrooms, onions, zucchini flowers. YUM!


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Best eaten at a good street food cart, tacos are soft corn tortilla topped with meat – chorizo, beef, pork, chicken, to which you can add pico-de-gallo (a tomato salad that also has onion and coriander,) chilli, nopales (cactus leaves,) cabbage, guacamole and spicy sauces.


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A dough ball of corn, either plain or with pieces of chicken and pork, is covered in banana leaves or corn husks then steamed. There is also a sweet version, with sugar and raisins.


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The “Oaxacan Pizza”, is a huge corn tortillas, spread with refried beans, guacamole or avocado, cheese and topped with meat (usually grilled pork chops). Do not expect to eat them with fork and knife.



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