Grip Like an Ape – Gorilla Pod Review

With the over saturation of photographers today, if you want to get a shot that hasn’t been done, you’re going to need to think outside of the box, and then outside of the circle that encompasses that box.

When trying to capture images in low light, photos with high apertures, or timelapses, you need a tripod. There are thousands of different tripods out there and some of them will end up costing you a pretty penny. But today, we’ll be focusing on a small, lightweight, super portable, and very affordable tripod: the Gorilla Pod.

The Gorilla Pod can turn, twist, bend and grab onto countless surfaces and objects. But wait, there’s more! Because it’s so small, you can get really low to the ground and capture amazing images that you wouldn’t be able to with a normal tripod.

Gorilla Pod Review 



It takes a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of how the tripod moves, you’re golden.  It comes in a variety of sizes as well so you can choose your own portability to sturdiness ratio. There’s even a magnetic Gorilla Pod that will allow you to stick your camera to otherwise hard-to-reach places for some unusual angles.


It’s tiny in comparison to most tripods and can hold a full sized DSLR with a zoom lens on it. You can throw it in your camera bag, probably in any pocket, and be on your way.


Over the several months, I’ve had it, and so far it seems to be holding up pretty well. I’ll come back when I’ve really worn it in for an accurate durability report. Whenever that is.


Lightweight, small, can hold significant weight, allows you to capture unique angles.


A little clunky to get moving at first but with practice becomes a walk in the park.


100 USD


As a single tripod option, I would recommend getting something in the Mefoto series, but as a secondary tripod, I would definitely recommend it. Of course, all of this depends on what kind of photographer you are. Are you traveling? How light are you traveling? Where are you going? What do you want to do? Are you taking photographs or video? Etc, etc… At the end of the day, it’s a great, small, lightweight, versatile and portable tripod.

Do you have a Gorilla Pod tripod?
How do you like it?
Do you have a similar tripod?
How does it compare?

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