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Boulder Land, Joshua Tree – Timelapse

There are two parts of the day which are my favorite. The sunrise and the sunset. These times have a special feel to them, not only because they begin and end the day, but because everyday you have a chance to witness something beautiful.

It’s true that it’s not everyday you’ll see the sky go up in flames with a stunning range of orange, red and purple, BUT, if you watch enough sunsets and sunrises, you will definitely bear witness to some spectacular combinations of colors and clouds in the sky.

This timelapse was taken at the end of a short photography journey and is a great example as to why you should leave your camera on just a bit longer when you think the timelapse is over. You can see that right at the end the entire sky gets swiped with a deep orange and red but the timelapse stops. So if you learn anything today, let it be that when you think you’re done, give it a few more minutes of thought.

Boulder Land, Joshua Tree – Timelapse


  1. Nice, I love to watch sunset ! for two reason, first because is a new day coming , second because it make you realize that this moment will never come again, it is unique. :)

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