Our Last Days As Children

Sometimes travelers forget that there’s real adventure in inner exploration and overcoming our emotional fears.
My brother and I never really got along as children.

Ok, that was an understatement.

We tried to drown each other and rip each other’s hair out. We bit each other ’till our full tooth impressions were clearly left in the other’s skin. I have my first tattoo on my right hand where he stuck a No. 2 pencil in it once and broke the tip in my flesh. I’m not sure how my mother handled it.

Then I moved away at 17 and we haven’t really talked too much since.  As adults our relationship got better, with our emotions aside and all, but it never really evolved beyond that.

So it’s been a really great experience to, at the age of 30, finally be able to bond with my brother.

Gabriel and I have been staying at his place while fixing up BigBlu and he has been helping us as much as he can between his busy hours on the race track.

We’ve finally been able to spend time together, work on a project together, and enjoy each others’ company, and this without a single fight.

Last year for his birthday my mom, dad, and myself got him a ride in a glider plane. It was kind of a backhanded gift. Ken doesn’t like the idea of being in a plane without a motor. He’s not scared of heights but he’d feel safer if there was horsepower under those wings. He is a race track mechanic after all.

He never used the coupon.

So I went with him and this is how it went down…

Oh by the way the song is:

Our Last Days As Children

by: Explosions in the Sky

if you’re on mobile click this link.

Thanks very much to the folks at Crazy Creek for a really fun ride and a great experience!


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