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Minute Escapes: Beachside Snooze.

Beachside Snooze

As a child one of my favorite places to fall asleep was by the pool or the beach, where the ecstatic background noise of laughter and splashes eased me into a dream state.

One day, while chilling on the beach, the noises threw me back into a faint and distant memory of beachside naps.
Regardless of whether or not it has the same soporific effect on you, this week’s Minute Escape will definitely transport you to a different place.

You’re laying down on a beach towel, all read-out. You close your eyes, around you, children are playing and splashing on shore. You vaguely comprehend the conversations of passers-by as you drift into a half dream state.

Put on your headphones. Close your eyes. Press play.

Come back every other Monday for another, completely different, Minute Escape.

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