WTAB 100 Dollar Challenge – Dominican Republic

Before leaving the Dominican Republic Jade suggested I go on a “Manventure”. Just to get a feel for what its like to travel alone. So I did, but I wanted to add another purpose to the trip, so I decided to give myself a pretty tight budget. I wanted to show people that traveling doesn’t have to be so expensive and that you can still get a lot of adventure in. I chose an easy number, 100 USD.

I left on my adventure with EXACTLY 100 American dollars, not a penny more, not even a just in case.

I had no reserve so I made sure I wrote everything down. I needed to know exactly how much it would cost me to get home, as well as what I could spend money on and still get a good amount of days, and adventure, in.

In total I stayed four days and five nights. I spent all of my money except one dollar and some change.

So what did I do with 100 USD?
  • I saw two beautiful waterfalls.
  • Went horseback riding…TWICE.
  • Ate delicious food and snacks.
  • Camped. AND…

That’s right, all of that for the low low cost of 100 USD. Now keep in mind this includes all expenses. The bus to the city of Jarabacoa, food, lodging, snack, park fees, fruits, a map of the town, and all of that other good stuff.

I also went super light, only taking what I needed. Everything was documented on my trusty little go pro and you can check out the video from that below.


What can you do with 100USD? This is a challenge from me to the world. Take 100USD and go have an adventure. It doesn’t have to be alone but it does have a budget limit of 100USD.  When you come back, let us know how it went and what you did. #WTAB100


  1. What if u dnt know.fhe language and still want to do.this??
    Next week i am attempting to.do.this so any advice please share reading all articles in ur blog now so anyyhing else i should know starting in punta cana and working my way west want to see national parks or at least one

    1. Sorry for the late reply but if you don’t know the local language it’s 100 times harder to do so. It is integral that you learn basic communication skills of the places you visit if you want to fully experience the culture and save money. The locals respect the attempt a lot. My advice is be friendly, patient, open and at least try to learn the language.

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