Crocodile Hunting – Laguna Enriquillo

Coming out of Haiti, our first stop back in the Dominican Republic was Laguna Enriquillo, a huge lake in the West of the island.

Over the past couple of years the water levels have been rising pretty quickly. So quickly that they actually had to relocate an entire town because if the water keeps rising at the rate it currently is, it’ll all be underwater in no time.

The rise of the water at a quick rate creates an awesome landscape. Everywhere you look you can see full grown trees completely dried out, with water half way up their trunks. It looks like a giant tree graveyard.

LAguna Enriquillo-2

Laguna Enriquillo hosts a plethora of animals. With over 50 species of birds, countless crocodiles and iguana, it’s definitely a place for bird watchers and animal lovers.

LAguna Enriquillo-5
LAguna Enriquillo-1

Upon arriving, the tourist info station looked pretty abandoned so we decided to explore on our own account. At first we decided not to venture too far but when a local worker showed up letting us know there were crocodiles I had to see them for myself.

By this point, Jade and myself are both feeling pretty beat up from our encounter with Chikungunya so Jade, having seen crocodiles before, decides to sit this one out.

The guide wanted to charge me way too much money to see the crocodiles so I ventured out alone on a mission to see an animal I’ve never seen in person.

The lake is surrounded by a very hostile environment.

A slippery steep slope leads right into the water with thorny trees and bushes everywhere.

There are crocodiles, I’m wearing flip flops and am completely unprepared to run, the fear factor sets in.

Jade put together a little video of the footage I got with the GoPro, you can check that out below:


    1. Haha yea I was just kidding because although they are fierce animals they seemed to be very cautious of movement and would go underwater whenever I approached. Maybe the crocodiles had plans to surprise attack me if I got too close to the water =X.

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