Cliff Jumping Bassin Bleu, Haiti

Although we overall didn’t have the best time on our trip to Haiti, we did have one experience that was just amazing.

In the south of the country there’s a little town named Jacmel.

Just outside Jacmel, there’s a short hike to a really nice waterfall called Bassin Bleu.

Bassin bleu-2

It’s a decently┬ásized waterfall surrounded by beautiful vegetation, the water is also a spectacular Jolly Rancher blue. The locals hang out here for the day, eating, drinking, dancing and listening to music while taking the intermittent dive into the refreshing river water.

For those of us who like jumping off of things, you can also climb up the side of the waterfall, going behind the smaller stream at one point, up to the top where you can take a nice jump back down. There’s a secondary jump but it’s a little more sketchy to do and not even the locals recommend it. Stick to the smaller jump and you’ll have an awesome time.

Bassin bleu-3
Behind the Falls

We hung out here for a bit, Gabriel trying to piece together sentences in the Creole that he doesn’t speak, it was entertaining.

We put together a little video of our time at Bassin Bleu:



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