Sunrise From Mont Royal – Timelapse

If Canada is known for one thing it’s probably the cold, and the maple syrup too of course, but maple syrup doesn’t play a role in waiting for the sun to rise to capture a time lapse.

Jade and I spent a couple of weeks enjoying the fall of Montreal, Canada. We explored the city, ran some errands, saw old friends, and ate…. a lot.

One morning we decided to wake up before the sunrise so that we could make it to the top of Mont Royal before the sun broke the horizon. We made it well ahead of schedule and set up the camera to take a timelapse of the sun rising over the city of Montreal.

Having been in the tropics for the last few years, this was our first real taste of the cold. We layered up as best as we remembered but the early morning breeze made the overnight mountain air even chillier. Jumping up and down, hugging, running, squatting and doing a bunch of other random things, we tried to stay warm.

It was a beautiful sunrise and the timelapse came out even more beautiful, you can check that out below. Also, if you haven’t seen our video on Montreal, Canada you should follow that link and check it out. Enjoy and have a beautiful day!

Timelapse: Sunrise Mont Royal



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