La Dolcerie — Served with a Silver Spoon


At a Glance:

Price:    $$$

Price range:

$0-$3: $
$3-$12: $$
$12-$25: $$$
$25-$50: $$$$
$50-up: $$$$$

The Feel:

La Dolcerie is located in the heart of the affluent neighborhood of Ensanche Piantini, and thus, the mood is reflected within the doors of the restaurant.

It’s a trendy little spot which caters mostly to spoiled capitaleño young adults with questionable taste in music, which is played a little too loud for my liking. BUT, if you manage to get a table outside on their lovely patio, your evening is sure to be spectacular.

We went there at night both times we’ve eaten there, and they keep the lights so dim you’ll need your cell phone flashlight to read the menu, hence why we have no photos. Well, we have photos, but I might as well post a black square. Anyway, just check out their website to get you drooling.

The Food:

It’s all worth it though, because the food is actually creative and excellent, and not even over-priced. Go figure, real good food in Santo Domingo that’s affordable!

Here you can fill up on an incredibly large salad full of cheese and nuts for about the same price as a Wendy’s salad,  or scarf down a plate of shrimp gnocchi for less than a Fuddruckers burger.

The dishes are a reflection of the muddled Dominican culture. The base stays true to its roots, incorporating local ingredients like auyama (local squash), but the recipes have been inspired by dishes from around the world. The blend is done with class, by an obviously inspired kitchen, and plated with care.

The Staff:

Staff is mostly good here, by which I mean almost up to “rest-of-the-world” standards. Waiters know their menu, and they know their wines. They’re definitely at your service, but it’s as though even they can’t shake that last little bit of “I don’t give a damn” attitude that seems characteristic of Dominican service.

Regardless, it’s probably the best service I’ve had on the island so far, apart from a select few family owned restaurants.

The Whole:

I’d love to call this place pretentious but it wouldn’t be justified as it’s really not pretending. It actually serves real, good food, and has an equally awesome selection of wines and cocktails. It’s cultured. I wish I could say the same for the crowd which frequents the restaurant.

**Sidenote** if you find yourself in Agora Mall, you’ll find a little La Dolcerie Café which serves delicious coffee and yummy pastries, that’s actually where the featured image was taken.

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La Dolcerie, Romantic setting with chic decor


  1. We went to La Dolceria last week for the second time…. for lunch this time. It was terrible. Waiters were unfriendly. The food was over cooked . Potatoes were 2-day old. The dish were not as described on the menu. When we asked the manager if they did changed the Chef because the food was terrible, he went to the kitchen and came back asking if we cared for a pastry or a cafe, which we refused. I will not go back to this restaurant

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