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At a Glance:

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Communal Table Shaded by an Epic Tree
Communal Table Shaded by an Epic Tree

The Feel:

Does it get any more magical than this?  Flor Cafe could easily be driven right past, without a double take. Nestled in the perfectly manicured garden of a nursery on the side of the main highway in Abreu, this hidden sanctuary is worth a day trip in and of itself.

The tables and chairs are mismatched and eclectic, but all solid and well grounded. Romantic tables for two in a white-draped gazebo, long communal tables sculpted of a single massive slab of wood, there’s a table for all occasions here, but they all have the same feel: “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Home Made Greek Yogurt and Fresh Fruit
Home Made Greek Yogurt and Fresh Fruit

The Food:

As it turns out, Flor Cafe gets its milk, cheese, and probiotic greek yogurt right from the factory in their backyard! That’s right, delicious, thick, creamy, homemade probiotic greek yogurt served with a drizzle of savory honey.

We got ourselves a serving of yogurt & fruit, and a Mangú to share. The Mangú was sweet and comforting, and the fact that it comes with two sides of homemade, and almost squeaky, fried cheese might make it the best Mangú we’ve had in the Dominican Republic.

They also serve a mean cappuccino and have a full lunch menu, which we imagine is just as hearty and heartening.


The Staff:

The Staff is very friendly, we didn’t spend enough time here to really get a feel for what it’s like day in and day out, but didn’t have to wait long for our food. Anyway, this isn’t a place for coming and going quickly, it’s a place for stopping and syncing up with a different, slower wavelength .

A wavelength the staff is definitely on. We were served with care and smiles.

Tres Golpes, Eggs, Mangú, Fried Cheese, Sauteed Onions and Veggies
Tres Golpes, Eggs, Mangú, Fried Cheese, Sauteed Onions and Veggies

The Whole:

If your travels bring you to the “Rio San Juan” or “Playa Grande” region, or if you’re on your way from the Puerto Plata/Cabarete area and on a day trip to Lago Dudu, make sure to stop here and drink from the well of serenity that awaits.

It truly is a hidden sanctuary.

Fresh Fruit and Yummy Honey
Fresh Fruit and Yummy Honey

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Flor Café, translates to Flower Coffee


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