A Year of Travel in Wallpapers – 53 Stunning Photos For You!

The final Wednesday of the year is here! Tomorrow will be a new year filled with new adventures and more wallpapers!!

I have to say that I’m pretty proud of the Wallpaper Wednesday series, since we started it we haven’t missed not even one day!

We know it can be tough to see all of the wallpapers so along with this week’s wallpaper, if you keep scrolling, you’ll see all of the wallpapers that we’ve featured this year. Yup, every single one of them, all 52 of them!!! When you find one that you like all you have to do is click the link and it will take you to the original post where you can download the full size image and set it as your desktop background.

What’s the final wallpaper of the year you ask though? It’s glass confetti of course! We went to the famous glass beach in Fort Bragg, California and took all sorts of beautiful pictures. This is just one of the many. Maybe a photo essay with the rest of the pictures coming soon? We shall see, for now though enjoy all of the awesome wallpapers below!

Glass Confetti small

Enjoy your free Glass Confetti wallpaper and if you have any requests for a certain style or color theme for next week’s Photo of the Week feel free to let us know in the comments!


Simply click HERE to open the full size version in a new window, then right click and hit save image. You can also just click and drag the image onto your desktop or folder of choice.

Please note that we encourage downloading of these images solely for personal use, all copyright laws do apply. If you would like to use any of the images for any other purposes please do feel free to send us an email with more information and we will be happy to get back to you!

Shot With:

Body: Canon 7D
Lens: EF 17-40mm f/4 L USM
Focal Length: 50mm
Settings: f /7.1 at 1/250 seconds
ISO: 400


Enjoy you Nature Wallpapers HD style!!

wave, underwater, photography, duck dive, surfer
Down under the ocean we go to see what a wave looks like from below. Under the Chaos

sunrise, mountains, sun, rise, nature

How do you like your sunrises? Over easy or Sunny Side Up?

parrots, cuddling, animals, green, cute
Wildlife at its best. Cute Parrots

sand, beach, beach sand, tropics
Miles and miles of Saaaaand of the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic.

wave, splash, ocean, water
As waves Splish Splash they create beautiful shapes and reflect light in stunning ways.

branch, nature, leave, green
Ever paid any attention to Bush Lines? Take a closer look and you’ll see a whole other world of symmetry.

sunrise, ocean, water, beach, colors
It’s amazing how some places Inspire Tranquility.

sunset, sun, orange, ocean, beautiful sunset
A beautiful Silhouette of boats pop out of the sky as the sun sets beyond the horizon.

During any windy day you can see Cabarete beach littered with Sun Kissed kites.

Nothing compares to an evening Summer Sailing.

A Pollinating Butterfly is essential.

It’s amazing what can be done by shifting your perspective. Rolling Palm.

kite boarding, clouds, wallpaper, cloudy, storm

When the storm approaches do you run or stay and watch? Storm Kiting.

We took an aerial trip across the Dominican Republic and along the way we saw this stunning Snake River.

You ever had That Moment in surfing?

Never have I ever seen water so Crystal Blue as this before.

Can you find the floating man? This one’s for all of the Kite Lovers out there.

Bubbling Water small
Can you guess what kind of Bubbling Liquid this is?

Dominican Strike Small-1
Ever seen a Strike Dominican Style?

Blue wave wallpaper small
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Wave Lover.

big yellow small-1
Some days he’s big red, this day he was Big Yellow.

sailboat with birds small-1
A view like this is one of the closest moments to Pure Peace I’ve been in.

Have you ever experienced the Beach Life?

Sunbathing Small
This cat knows whats up, Sun Bathing in the early morning sun.

Carbon Fibre Small
What does this look like to you? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Carbon Fiber.

Computer Garden Small
And here we have a Computer Garden for your desktop =D .

orange, lines, pattern, wood
The old wooden panels of a Beach Hut in Cabarete, DR.

ocean, landscape, beautiful landscapes, blue, tropics, caribbean
Don’t forget to take the Scenic Route every once in a while. It’s worth the extra driving time!

In the Jungle small-1
In The Jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps toniiiiiight!

lizard shadow, lizard, green, leaf, small
A Lizard’s Shadow as he stealthy sneaks up on his prey.

beach hut, hut, beach, blue, stripes
Blue Stripes to complete the ocean’s hues.

Ocean Blue Ice Small-1
Don’t forget that life is all about Perspective!

deserted beach small-1
The Dominican Republic is riddled with Deserted Beaches.

sand, water, ocean, tropics
Let the Soothing Sands of the beach take your troubles away.

blue wave splash small
A Tranquil Blue to ease the mind.

The Ocean Bubbles create a wide range of shapes.

parapente small-1
Have you ever been Paragliding before?

Preciousa Landscape Small-1
A precious beach indeed, Playa Preciosa.

crystal blue, bahia de las aguilas, ocean, beach
Bahia De Las Aguilas in the Dominican Republic has so many shades of Breathtaking Blues.

narnia, great falls, maryland, usa, long exposure
Anyone know of the Chronicles of Narnia?

NYC skyline sunset small-1
I’m not a fan of cities but the NYC Skyline is gorgeous during sunset.

NYC Skyscrapers small-1
You can see NYC from the skyline or you can get right into the New York Skyscrapers and get a whole different angle.

Fall Colors small-1
After not seeing Fall for three years I welcomed it with open arms. Welcome Fall.

lake, landscape, water, train, via rail
From the Train across Canada you can see all kinds of stunning landscapes.

Sunkissed Nature Small-1
There’s no feeling to compare that of Basking in the Evening Sun.

mountians, snow, clouds, icefield parkway, canada
Hidden behind the clouds is a snowy giant.

Ice Ice Baby small
Ice Ice Baby! Look at that beautiful slice of a giant glacier.

Ink Pots small-1
We arrived just after a huge rain fall leaving only Ink Pot Remains behind.

black and white foggy surfers small

Foggy Mornings make the world look entirely different.

nature, landscapes, rays of light, sunshine, travel photography
Barely Lit tall grass creates a visually stunning effect.

mountains, snow, moon, landscape, the rockies
From the Tippy Top of the mountain you can have a conversation with the moon.

tree, pine tree, nature, snow, holidays
And at the end of it all just remember to have a Good Time!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls that’s 52 wallpapers for you right in one convenient post. I hope you enjoyed the scrolling of some of our best shots of the year and now you can have one new wallpaper for every week of 2015 on auto pilot! Just download them all, for free, and set them in a playlist of epic wallpapers. C’monnnn, you know you want to =D. Plus it would make me really happy.


    1. Thanks Thomas! To be honest, for the price, I don’t think the 7D is worth it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great camera but it’s a very difficult camera to use. It is not forgiving in the slightest and produces a lot of noise even at low ISO levels. Also the 7D is a pretty old model, so a lot of the newer versions Canon has released are more up to date. All that being said I still love the camera and it has really pushed me to become a better photographer as you need to have all of the settings perfect to get a great image.

      As for the lens, it’s great. Stay tuned to our blog as in the upcoming weeks we have a review for the wide angle coming.
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  1. Really all of the pictures are brilliant, Being a travelling person, I just love to took pictures of different places, It always remembers me about my tour, and like that i can never forget my journey.

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