Wallpaper Wednesday – November 26th – Ink Pot Remains

The entire time that we spent in the Rockies we had people recommending for us to check out the ink pots. So we did, but we were on a bit of a time schedule.

The trail sign says it takes anywhere from four to six hours to go up and come back down. We didn’t have anywhere near that amount of time, so we decided to do a power hike..
We started jogging to the first checkpoint. After making it to the first overlook we saw that we cut our time in about a third of what the sign said so we decided to make the full hike at the same pace.

After an hour and thirty minutes we make it to the ink pots. Of course, we high fived each other for making great time and relaxed a bit to enjoy the view.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the top we saw that all of the ink pots had been flooded over. It was still cool to see the main “pot” bubbling underwater and the texture of the others which looked frozen under the icy water but we missed out on the different colors that others had raved about.

We snapped a couple of pictures and proceeded to run back down the trail. In total the hike took us around two and a half hours. Feeling accomplished, and exhausted, we laid out in the parking lot and munched on some left over pizza. That’s how we do.

Enjoy your free Ink Pot Remains wallpaper and if you have any requests for a certain style or color theme for next week’s Photo of the Week feel free to let us know in the comments!


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Shot With:

Body: Canon 7D
Lens: EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
Focal Length: 40mm
Settings: f/5  at 1/1600 seconds
ISO: 400

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