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Wallpaper Wednesday – January 15th – Cute Parrots

For a while we had a flock of parrots staying in our front yard. Everyday we would hear them chirping their lungs away, usually pretty high up in the trees. One day I managed to get a perfect view of them hanging out and cuddling. I quickly ran for my camera and tripod and started taking pictures. The way they interacted was really interesting to watch as they jumped around, fought for territory on the tree and tucked tightly together. When I think of parrots, this is an iconic shot. We could all learn a thing or two about cuddling from them =P.

Enjoy your free Cute Parrots wallpaper and if you have any requests for a certain style or color theme for next week’s Photo of the Week feel free to let us know in the comments!


Simply click HERE to open the full size version in a new window, then right click and hit save image. You can also just click and drag the image onto your desktop or folder of choice.

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