Fly High – Aerial Pictures of the Dominican Republic

Being a photographer, everything becomes about perspective. How can I change the viewer of my pictures’ perspective of a regular everyday object?  I don’t actually ask myself that but I feel like it’s ingrained in my head. I want to show you the world in a way that you’ve never seen it before and what a better way to do so then to hop on a helicopter and go across the island of the Dominican Republic?

A few months ago a good friend of ours, Richard, calls me and asks me what I’m doing tomorrow.
I tell him I have no plans so he tells me he has a half gift for me. A little confused as to what a half gift is, I ask him to continue. He lets me know that he has a helicopter that’s going across the island, because that’s where it originated, and it will go empty if no one wants to hop in. So, he invited Jade, a couple other friends that work with him, and myself.
As for the half gift part, that was because the helicopter wouldn’t bring us home, it would drop us off in Santo Domingo and then we’d be on our own. It’s not everyday someone offers you a free helicopter ride and luckily for us I have family in the capital so it made the decision even easier. Of course, we accept.

Without many details, except the place and time to meet, we show up and hang around on the beach awaiting further instructions. Right on time the helicopter fly’s overhead and lands on the beach, like a boss. Richard and his family come out of the helicopter, greets us, and tell us to enjoy the ride.

Thought in my head: “Time for some awesome aerial pictures of the Dominican Republic”

– Enjoy the Ride –

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-1
Just as good a place to land as any =D

We hop in the helicopter excitedly awaiting the beautiful view that we’re about to take in and up we go. We leave from Cabarete so the first sights we see are of the lagoon, beach and a little taste of some mountain scenery.

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-2
The lagoon of Cabarete
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic beach-1
Ocean view
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-3
Donkey trails through the mountains

We had to make a quick pit stop at a nearby airport to fill up on gas so we all got out here and I took advantage of being on the strip, with all the planes, to take some pictures.

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-4
Our Ride
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-5
This would be a fun ride too!
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-6
Going movie style on the strip

Anddd off we went through the mountains, over the rivers, streams and farms of this beautiful country. The helicopter’s eye view of the landscape was perfect. Not too high, not too low.

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-7
The forest from above
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-13
The hills being sun kissed from the sky
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-12
Cloud Level
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-11
The DR is famous for its rolling hills
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-10
This guy found a nice little spot
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-9
Endless beauty

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-8

And then over some small towns and the outskirts of a city.

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-14
Reminds me of Legos

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-16

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-15
You can see baseball fields everywhere in the DR

When you live this far in the middle of nowhere you have to live off of the land.

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-17
Cows doing the thing that cows do
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-22
A beautiful river that spans many many miles
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-21
Live on one side farm on the other
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-20
A flock of birds heading home for the day
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-19
Farm lines
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-18
A watering hole for the livestock

As we approached the capital, the sun started to set over the mountains creating a beautiful glow over the Dominican Republic.

Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-23
Right at cloud level.


Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-25
Raining gold on the Dominican Republic
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-24
Holes in the sky
Aerial Photography Dominican Republic-26
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic as seen from above

Taking this helicopter trip made me think about all of the different levels of perspective that you could get of a landscape. You have regular human view, laying down, tree level,  atop buildings, hot air balloons, helicopters, planes and space shuttles, all offering a completely new and unique perspective on the world.

Have you ever ridden in a helicopter or hot air balloon?
How was your experience?
Do you have any pictures that you’d like to share? =D


  1. As a native Dominican living in Santo Domingo these shoots just make me feels lucky for having that scenario so right here even knowing all problems we face in everyday as a developing country. Good job. @lorenzojhonatan

  2. Hey, great share…..

    These are really awesome pics. Great locations!! I must say that you are extremely lucky that you got opportunity to shot pictures in such beautiful locations. You really need to be passionate about photography to click these sort of pictures. I am looking forward to see more pictures from your side.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Keep sharing more….

  3. Wow!! Great Share!

    Must say, aerial photography is that segment of photography in which the camera is elevated high above the subject. Some photographers go up in airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, or gliders to take their aerial photos.

    In other forms, the camera itself is sent up by balloon, tall pole, or kite, and the photo is taken by remote control. High level photography can be taken from blimps and dirigibles, rockets, space stations, satellites, or parachutes. Not all aerial photo shooting involves a person going up in the air with the camera, because automatic or remote controls can do the job needed.

    Well! things covered through the post are interesting and impressive. I have enjoyed reading your post:)

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