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Driving Through Yellowstone With Real Life Cartoons.

-Episode 3-

For starters, if you’ve never been to Yellowstone, you’re missing out. Just driving through yellowstone is incredible, but you’ll want to stay a few days, at least.
Out of all of the places that I’ve ever been to in the world so far, it’s the most magical.
Please, I dare you to name one place that’s better (because I’d really love to go there)

So here I am, in Yellowstone National park. Me, my Kia, and my little leather jacket, and there’s snow on the ground. I’m freezing.

Actually, unlike most of these other stories, I actually have pictures, let me pull them out.

Here we go:

barronette peak, yellowstone, off season, winter, gorgeous,
This is what the ground looks like.
smoking, photographer, leather jacker, film, pentax,
And this is what I’m wearing

The picture above courtesy of my good friend Oliver whom I met that fateful day!

So yeah, I’m cold.

But it’s really gorgeous, so it’s worth it.

In fact, within just minutes of entering the park I’d already seen more wildlife than I had in my last 2 weeks of driving.

Eagles, buffalo, wolf, bears, ram, elk, deer, coyotes, foxes, you name it, all here, for your vewing pleasure.

I’m taking full advantage of it, as much as I can with my inappropriate attire. But I stop everywhere I can and take a moment to look.

It’s a bright sunshiny day, so as the hours pass it becomes easier and easier to enjoy the wondrous sites.

It’s off season, so I don’t have to deal with all the obnoxious tourists who let their kids, say, stick their fingers in the living floor of the Grand Prismatic Spring to write their names and effectively destroy the ecosystem one “Jimmy wuz here” at a time. I’m very happy about that.

There’s almost no one in the park in fact, just some serious wildlife photographers who really know where to position themselves for the money shots.

I make sure to stop everywhere I see more than 2 parked cars, a practice that allowed me to see quite a few wolves and eagles than if I’d been all on my own.

Buffalo crossing the street are as common here as cattle in the Dominican Republic, really just not a big deal anymore… pfff…

Finally, a little past lunchtime, having trekked most of the open part of the park, I find a picturesque little bench with a view on the mountain ahead.

The bench is calling my name…


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