2014 Year in Review

A year in travel 2014

Well, it was another exciting year in the world of We Travel and Blog and we thank you all for tagging along.

This year we saw more Dominican beaches than we knew was possible.

Learned to dance Bachata and got maaaaarrrriiiiiieeeeeddddddd, WHAT?!?!
Yup. Then we started up on our indefinite honeymoon.

Our road trip around the island of Hispaniola, was amazing, but every trip must have its obstacles. We got stuck in the mud, and got a flat in Haiti. 
We celebrated by jumping off lots of cliffs, then got a complimentary helicopter ride across the island.
Carnival in La Vega was bright and festive, as were all the other circus acts we enjoyed this year, including Gabriel’s clowning around.
Master of the Ocean brought in world class watermen to Cabarete and we were right there in the middle of the action.
We immersed ourselves in the Dominican landscapes,and the Dominican culture, and we really fell in love with all of it.
We went swimming with horses, swimming any chance we got really.

We pretended to be children as often as we could, and even went hiking dressed as superheroes.
We got lost in a sunflower field. :)

This year we really fell in love with time-lapses and all the possibilities of shifting your perception of time.

We were so lucky to have the most amazing experiences with all sorts of animals, domesticated and wild. Among others, I snuggled with a baby donkey, we witnessed a coyote coyly hunt a squirrel in Stanley Park, we got close to Big horn sheep and all sorts more in the Rockies, to ferrel goats in the Dunas de Bani, and to piglets in the “campo.” We saw a little hummingbird go about his cleaning routine, a tiny crab try to get home, and even a snail make his very slow way across our banister.
But while Gabriel’s obsession last year was with documenting the lives of lizards, this year, he’s graduated to following around flocks of birds.

We witnessed seasons for the first time in three years and the weather kept getting progressively more epic until we hit the snowy peaks of the Rockies. It was nice for a change, but it did take an emotional toll on us. We’ll be happy to be back in the warm sun soon.
Ironically we didn’t hit the slopes until we got to Tahoe, where we both struggled getting our snowboarding legs back on (but Gabriel got back to skiing as if he’d never left)

The “storm of the century” found us near Half Moon Bay where we got to witness superhuman surf, all up and down the coast.
Although warm water surfing has been our thing, we decided to try our hand at surfing cold water in wetsuits, first in Rockaway, NY, then in Tofino, and finally in San Fransisco. We’re better in the warm water, let’s leave it at that.

Switchblade Surfboards schooled us on what board shaping’s all about in Vancouver after our Cross-Canadian-Rail-Trip, which allowed us unparalleled views of the breathtaking Canadian landscapes.

We got a drone. We’ll learn to fly it eventually….. It’s a steep learning curve so bear with us while we climb to our cruising altitude, and keep your seat-belts fastened.

We’re still fatties, that hasn’t changed, and proud of it too!

Biggest news after the wedding is that we got ourselves a new home on wheels, her name is BigBlu and she’ll take us down the west coast of the Americas, all the way to the tip of Chile, or die trying. We’re in California right now with my brother who’s a mechanic and helping us take good care of her so she’ll take good care of us.
She sleeps 4, so as soon as we’re ready we’ll let you know and you can join us on our adventures by booking your stay on AirBnB. (We actually already have a confirmed booking and we can’t wait to meet him!)

Did we mention we love time-lapses?

Yeah we do. Here take a look at our year for yourselves:
If you’re on mobile, click this link. 

We hope you had an incredible year as well!

We sent out lots of postcards this year, [#WTaBCards] but we’d love to hear from YOU more.

What was your most cherished memory? What’s your resolution?

Our stats keep going up and that means you’re listening, so thanks for being with us through the year.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the coming year, feel free to drop us a line.

All the best to you and yours!

Jade & Gabriel


    1. Corinne, I have to admit that renting the space out started as a joke, and we’ll have to see how it goes, but how silly and potentially amazing!! Thank you for being one of out top commenters this year. I know we haven’t been returning the favor, it’s been a busy year for us. One of my resolutions is to spend more time following blogs now that we have a solid content base, you and Traveling Ted are on top of my list. :)

      Hope to run into you one of these days!

      Merry 2015!
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