A Trip Back in Time – Fortaleza Ozama

If you’re going to be spending a couple of days in the capital, you need to find something to do to keep you entertained. We started with the National Aquarium and made our way through a historic Santo Domingo, ending at Fortaleza Ozama.

The fort was built in 1502 and was built so well that its use was continued into the 1960’s. Fortaleza Ozama was built to guard the entrance of the harbor, and judging from all of the canons, they put up a good fight. Upon entering the castle you start to imagine what that era was like. Apparently they where a lot shorter than the average person today. I had to watch my head walking through some of the hallway entrances and I also had to crouch to see out of the windows of the guard towers.

rust, canons, rusty, Fortaleza Ozama
Old and rusty canons lay on the field.

It was a stormy afternoon but the light was just right to get some pretty cool pictures. I saw an opportunity for a nice photo so I told Jade to take a seat next to one of the walls. It had just rained so she got a nice surprise when she sat down…..woops =X. Although those weren’t my intentions, it made for a good shot =).

If you want to know more about Fortaleza Ozama you can follow that link for a full in depth review of the place. They go into some good detail on the area. Also, they are open daily from 9am – 5pm on Calle Las Damas.


light, door, shine, Fortaleza Ozama
A beautiful burst of sunshine fills the area.
doorway, light, end, tunnel, castle, Fortaleza Ozama
Through the wormhole.
sea shell, Fortaleza Ozama, santo domingo
History, frozen in time.

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