There’s a New Addition to the Family, Her name’s Izzy.

No no no, DON’T  flip. We’re talking about our new Christmas present to ourselves, our new car Isadora.

Sorry if we got your hopes up.

Dear readers, meet Izzy:

suzuki sidekick

So we just wanted to take some time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Not that we’re very religious, but we like the excuse to spend some time with our family. We hope you’re doing the same so we’ll keep today’s post short and sweet.

That’s me and the Sosua Choir singing some Christmas carols in the picture above btw

We’re spending the next week in the hills on the north shore of the Dominican Republic, where my parents live.

We’re hoping to get the next month of your entertainment lined up so we can start the new year off with a bang and a road trip around the island, collecting more pictures, stories, and tips to share with you.

If you have suggestions of places in the Dominican that we should visit, either because you’d like us to do your research for you, or because you absolutely LOVED your visit there, drop us a line in the comments, or by whichever social media means you prefer.

We’re also starting a Dominican Republic Pinterest board (complete with the new map feature) on travel research for this beautiful island, so be sure to check out the incredible amount it has to offer up:

That’s it.

Get off your computer and go hug everyone you love now, from our behalf.


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