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Los Tres Ojos – Stunning Caves in Santo Domingo

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of big cities. I see the artistic value in architecture, city organization, and the general city culture but I would still rather be trekking through a real jungle. When you take all of what a big city is to the 3rd world, you have chaos. Maybe not always, but definitely in the DR.

The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo and upon arrival to the city you can immediately see the disorganization. You would ask yourself “why am I here again?”. But it’s not all bad as the city still has many beautiful places to visit. One thing the capital is very well known for is a cave system called “Los Tres Ojos”, which means “The Three Eyes”.

If you are ever in the capital of the Dominican Republic make sure to make this one of your stops, you’ll be happy you did.

On our latest trip to the capital we decided to explore the caves and I have to say that this is a beautiful place to visit, especially because it’s only 100rd (about $2.50 USD) to enter. The entrance is a long stairway, about halfway down the stairs you look to the right to see a giant cave system and, because part of it had caved in a couple of years ago,  a huge opening in the ceiling lets a beautiful light in allowing for nature to thrive.

Los Tres Ojos Caves-1-2

The cave is called “Los Tres Ojos” because there are three main pools of water. The first two you can see by simply walking around but the third one you have to hop on a makeshift ferry across one of the crystal blue pools of water. There are no words I can use to describe the beauty of the place so I have simply included some pictures we took while admiring mother nature.

Los Tres Ojos Caves-1

Also, for a free foot or hand clean, you can stick your selected body part into the water and watch as a group of tiny fish come and eat the dead skin off. The last section of the cave is the best to do this since there are hundreds more fish that swarm to your feet as soon as you put them in the water. There are some bigger fish in the water as well though so be prepared to get a slightly bigger bite taken from your toes. Not enough to draw blood but enough to make you second guess putting your foot back in the water. It feels too good though to let that stop you from getting in on this one of a kind massage.

Los Tres Ojos Caves-2

If you are ever in the capital of the Dominican Republic make sure to make this one of your stops, you’ll be happy you did. If not, you can simply enjoy the pictures =).

For a little more history and details of the cave and its formation click here.


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