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So you’ve  made up your mind, you’ve booked your time off, you’ve reserved a flight, you might as well be on that plane already!!! Gosh, why is it still so far away, you’ve almost got everything packed!!!

Or do you? There are things you might have forgotten, and things you probably don’t want to take; let us run you through our perfect caribbean packing list, with a special Cabarete twist.

First off, props need to be given where props are deserved, and thus thanks very much to the lovely ladies at Her Packing Lists for your extensive work. Ladies, if you feel you need more research into packing for pretty much anything, this is going to be your bible.

(note–this packing check list assumes you’re flying to an island and staying there until it’s time to go home. If you plan on doing some more roaming around, island hopping, backpacking, or other such things, you might need a few things we’re not mentioning here. Check back later as we’ll be adding more lists)

Enough already, let’s get on with our Caribbean packing check list:

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  • 2 swimsuits — or more, who cares, as many as you can fit, how many days are in a week? DO make sure however that at least one is more than decorative if you’ll want to partake in the many water-sports available to you.
    If you don’t have one you are in love with, here are some inspirations. These will be your main outfits. In fact, you don’t really ever have to change out of your suit if you’ve got a one-piece or something that can pass as a top and a stylin’ maxi skirt.
    If you want even more help selecting the perfect bikini, check out our suit guide for active girls.
  • 4-6 tanks — it’s hot, you’ll sweat, they don’t need to be fancy, they’re mainly to cover up when you’re not on the beach. The looser the better. Cute tunics are good replacements, especially if they double as cover-ups.
  • 1-2 dresses — Both of them should serve as cover-ups (see tunic comment above), and one (or both) should be good for a night out on the town.
  • 1-2 shorts — jean shorts are fine since you don’t have to worry about lugging the weight, but whatever you’re comfy in. Remember if you plan on slipping them right over your wet suit that denim stays wet forever. Maybe you want some cute board shorts instead.
  • 7 underwear — Because at some point in the day you NEED to change out of that wet bathing suit. You’re in the tropics where fungus and bacteria thrive, make your lady parts happy, when you get back to your accommodations, rinse off with fresh water, dry fully, and then put on a fresh pair of dry undies. Natural fibers are better than synthetics at keeping you dry longer. Trust me, the last thing you want when you’re trying to escape into your bestseller under the sun is an itchy crotch.
  • 2 bras — If you wear them. If your bathing suit tops don’t do the job or are all wet. If you want that extra push-up… whatevs, you’re a girl, you know what they’re for.
  • 2 pairs of shoes — And this really depends. Will you be going canyoning? then you’ll need some kind of closed shoe. Will you be staying up ’till dawn getting your dance on? then you might want a pair of heels, or at least nice flats. But mostly you’ll just need flip-flops, and even then, mainly just to keep your feet from burning. Most of you ladies will do fine just with flip-flops. Whatever your choice, make sure your outfits match your shoes (or vice-versa) otherwise you’re packin’ for nothin’.
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I’m going to keep this one short. It’s the tropics, it’s hot, you’re sweating, you’re wet…. make-up just doesn’t do much for you in these conditions. Bring the bare minimum.
Whatever you think you really can’t do without (which should be nothing at all because you’re gorgeous just the way you are) But if you want to get real fancy for your dinner party then:

  • waterproof mascara
  • waterproof eyeliner
  • optional lip gloss
Medication and lady stuff

You’ll need all the stuff you need on a daily basis at home… the stuff for your contacts, for your allergies, for your asthma, your birth control, your whatever you need at home, don’t forget that stuff. You will also need (but can find most of this here):

  • sunscreen (Don’t forget to read our post about how to choose a healthy sunscreen)
  • bug spray (Check back soon for our upcoming post about DIY bug spray)
  • aftersun care — because you will probably forget to re-apply… aloe grows here, don’t worry
  • a wide brim hat — get as fancy as you like, just shade that pretty face from skin cancer
  • first aid kit — because these should never go out of style
  • feminine hygiene products — of your choice, if you use tampons bring them from home. Also check out the diva cup, it changed my life.
  • condoms — because the quality here is less than satisfactory and they only come in little packs of three. If you do have an issue, they do sell the morning after pill over the counter, but just that doesn’t help you again STIs. Protect yourself.



This section is dependent on your personal travel goals. If you want to Instagram your every move, don’t forget your iPhone, all you need to know is that you will easily find WiFi, although maybe not to your usual speedy standards, and  to NOT forget the chargers that go with your electronics of choice. Roaming charges do apply, so turn your data off before you land and don’t turn it back on again until you’re home.
Our recommendation is to bring your camera of choice and its  charger, your kindle if you like it better than real books, and leave everything else at home. You’re on vacation, cut the chord.

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You need a towel, so, you might as well get a superhero towel :)
  • Towel — Self explanatory
  • Sunglasses
  • A sweet beach tote — Because you need to carry your towel, sunglasses, water bottle, and sunscreen to and from the beach
  • Yoga stuff — there are multiple options for great yoga classes here, take advantage of it, relax your body and mind.
  • Water bottle — heat stroke’s no joke
  • k-way — or some other impermeable layer, the tropics are renown for random thunderstorms
  • long pants & light sweater — sometimes it’s chilly, you don’t have to believe me, but I recommend you do.
  • your regular toiletry stuff — If you forget something the grocery store will have it.
  • gear for your water sport of choice — see above
Other (important) notes-
  • Depending on where you stay, the Tropics are usually loud places, with a lot of subwoofer action from cars, bars, and almost anything else that can hold a subwoofer. If you’re a light sleeper bring ear plugs.
  • Outlets are the North American standard
  • If you’re not fluent in spanish, you can definitely get by without it, but like every other travel destination, if you’re trying to learn the local language people appreciate it. (stay tuned for our upcoming post about learning Dominican Spanish, which is its own special thing)
  • I know looking good is high on the priority list, but DO REMEMBER, this is a third world country, the more you flash your bling the more likely you are to be unwillingly separated from your bling. Don’t put yourself in needlessly dangerous situations: pack light, keep your wallet securely put away, keep your iPhone securely put away, leave your pearls and diamonds at home, just don’t be an idiot and you’ll be fine.
  • Don’t go roaming around desolate areas at night. Yes, this sounds like it doesn’t even need reminding, but hey, happens to the best of us.

Stay safe, Stay Cool, Stay Awesome.


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