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Movember Manliness

This month thousands across the globe will let their facial hair grow in order to express their manly Movember manliness. It’s not only an excuse for guys to let their manliness show, but also to raise awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer.

I’m one to rarely shave as is, so Movember is really just another month for me. I actually didn’t even remember until Traveling Ted wrote a bucket list of 5 manly things that he needed to accomplish for Movember.. He gave us a shout-out challenge to make our list so here it is =)

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1. Wrestle Grizzly Bears

Could you imagine how intense of a fight that would be. Given I’d have to add a few pounds but all in good time. If you don’t feel like a ninja and don’t think you could out-wrestle a Grizzly here’s a good guide from Big Sky Fishing on what to do if you encounter one on your travels. Also, how do you think Bruce Lee would hold up against one?


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2. Ride a Great White

Because who doesn’t want to ride a shark? I know there are pictures of people holding the fins and although that is manly, it’s not manly enough for this post.


3. Rip a Tree out of the Ground with bare hands

I’ve actually done this before but I hadn’t wrestled a grizzly yet so I didn’t have “bear” hands. Also, in the tree’s defense it was a small tree.

bullet ants, glove, ants

4. Become a tribal man
(hand in bullet-ant glove)

I’m not really sure where this falls on the manliness scale but it’s in there somewhere. For those who don’t know of this initiation into manhood you can get the point from the picture below. They’re called Bullet Ants and have the most powerful sting of all insects. Now lets put our hands in gloves with hundreds of them!


5. Get into a bar fight at a Harley pub, and win.

This one is going to need some training as well. I think I can take on maybe four or five ;) but after that it’s all down hill. How am I going to practice? I’ll just go around ripping full grown trees out of the ground.

Now although those are all very manly they’re a bit out of my manliness range, and I’m pretty manly, because …..I’m a man, yea…

So I made another list of things that are still manly, but not Hulk manly.


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1. Hike Mount Kilimanjaro

Although not as high as Everest it’s still pretty far up there. It’s about 4 consecutive days of  7-11 hour hikes, and then you have to come back down. I’ll definitely need to train for this as Pico Duarte is less than half that and it was taxing on my body.


desert, sahara, sand, dunes

2. Cross a desert

Whenever I think of crossing deserts I think Tuareg turbans, giant Falcons on my shoulder and huge temperature changes. It’s tough to cross the larger ones and that’s definitely on the bucket list. The view has got to be amazing once you’re surrounded by sand to the horizon in all directions, and that’s something I don’t want to miss out on.


frog, venom, posion, danger, cute, colorful, frogs

3. Spend a few nights in the Amazon Rain Forest

This is by far the most dangerous in my opinion. There are so many things in this forest that can kill you it’s insane. For a little run-down on a fraction of what you’d be up against, BuzzFeed has compiled a good list. In the end though, the amount of beauty you will see there is worth it, I think.


tattoo, traditional, ink, old tattooing

4. Get a traditional tattoo (by ninjas)

I’ve always wanted a tattoo but something small and to the point. Getting it done by ninjas who live in the middle of nowhere adds some spice. Also, the mission to actually find them is all part of the story. Imagine stumbling upon a tribe after walking for weeks in the mountains.

spear fishing, jump, tribal, fish

5. Successfully

I’m not talking about swimming around with a spear gun and aiming and shooting. I’m talking back-flipping off of rocks with a twelve foot wooden spear spear fishing. Maybe not the back-flip but the picture below will give you a pretty good idea of how manly this last one is.



Annnnnnd this last part I just stole from Traveling Ted. Not sure if he wrote it or is the standard to put below the post but here it is =).

Calling All Bloggers!

Since the aim is raising awareness of Movember and men’s health issues, I know the power the blogging community has to do just that. I’m asking any blogger that is interested to get involved by doing the following:

  • Choose 5 activities you’d like to do and create your own Manly Bucket List – they can be something you commit to do during Movember, or simply something you’d like to do before you kick the bucket. (Ladies, this is open to  you too! Mo Bros and Mo Sistahs are equally welcome!)
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers to create their own Manly Bucket List.
  • Include a link to Movember to encourage people to register or donate.
  • Tweet and Share your posts with the hashtags #Movember and #ManlyMoments

Here are the 5 7 (I cheated a little and added two more, shhh) bloggers I nominate to create their own Manly Bucket List:

Hung from HungOnTheWorld
Kevin from Monkeyabroad
Samuel from NomadicSamuel
Audrey from Thatbackpacker
Sophie from SophiesWorld
Any of the Team from eXtremehotels
Matthew from ExpertVagabond

Not a Blogger? Here’s something everyone can do:

  • Read along as I attempt to complete my Manly Bucket List at MadeMan.com/Movember
  • Follow along on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #Movember and #ManlyMoments
  • Go to Movember.com to find out more about men’s health issues, support a Mo Bro or Mo Sistah, or to register to become one yourself.
  • Check out the schedule for the Made Man Movember Mo’asis Bus Tour and come on by if you are in the neighborhood for free shaves and tons of great activities.
  • And, if you’ve got some spare cash lying around, DONATE!

In addition, every time you send a Tweet, a Vine, an Instagram, or post to Facebook with your own manly photo or text using the hashtag #ManlyMoments, the folks at Made Man will donate $1 to Movember.

You’ll also be entered into a draw for a Trip for Two to Las Vegas to experience your very own Mancation which includes the Top Gun Experience from Sky Combat Ace.

Photo Credits:

Grizzlies: Varvara
Great White: Dailymail
Bullet Ant: Acanadiannaturalist
Kilimanjaro: Kathyloperevents
Sahara Desert: Glossi
Rain Forest: NBC
Spear Fish: Fearlessmen


    1. Haha, thanks! Yea it was just to good of an opportunity to pass up. On the crazy note, I would actually like to do most of the things from the top list but I know I’ll probably die and I’m enjoying this experience called life =)

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