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FREDDDD (1 of 1)Ohhh the internet world. There’s so much going on at the same time it’s incredible. There are countless social media networks, blogs, sites, business etc. Well, this post is to let you know that we’re EVERYWHERE! Not really, but we are in a lot of places. Every social media platform serves its purpose, so make sure to follow us on the ones which you are most interested in, or follow them all =).

I linked the pictures to the we travel and blog social networks and if Jade and I have separate accounts I’ve linked each picture to our own individual ones.


We use Facebook a lot. Here you can find updates from our site, popular travel quotes, pictures from around the web, travel updates, personal updates, and more.

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Twitter is known for one liners, and that’s what we use it for, mostly due to the fact we have to because of the word count limit =P. Here we make updates all throughout the day of the random things that we do. You can find us sharing interesting posts and pictures from other travel bloggers and photographers as well.

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This is the world of iPhonography. Although a lot of people don’t actually use iPhones to take their pictures (me), Jade actually does. We each have an individual account so take your pick, OR follow us both, which is probably better =D.

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I use Flickr to upload only my favorite shots. If you just want to look at pretty pictures then this is the social network for you. I do describe the pictures in details and will link back to our blog if the picture is relevant to a post.

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The internet is filled with billions of pictures and lots of content. We use Pinterest to sort out the photos, tips, stories, quotes and everything else that we like. We love the use of boards because it’s easy to pick and choose the topic you’re most interested in. Our boards will help you with everything from how to prepare for a trip, dress for a trip, dream about a trip, what gadgets make your trip easier, or make your trip look unforgettably amazing once you get back from your trip. There’s other randomness in there too, like pictures of airplanes.

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We don’t update this too frequently but we do check it every once in a while. Still figuring out the in-and-outs of this one.

about me pages (1 of 2) about me pages (2 of 2)

We can actually be found in a lot more places but these are the ones that we actually update and are active on. For every new like we get on these pages that come from this post I will eat a cookie. It’s a win win situation I think =).


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