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That Sunset, Mexico – Timelapse

Quickly I stumbled through my bag to grab all of the necessary ingredients to cook up this tasty timelapse of a sunset in Mexico.

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A Fine Reward – Wallpaper Wednesday

A fine reward is in store for those who work for what they want. The end result is always better when you put some effort into it!

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That Sunset – Wallpaper Wednesday

Ever seen that sunset or sunrise that leaves a footprint in you? If you haven’t, you should get out more and watch the sunrise and set!

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Camping in the Desert – Joshua Tree National Park

Ever been camping in the desert? If not, Joshua Tree National Park is a great place to start.

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sunset, joshua tree, national park, usa, california, nature, landscape

Boulder Land, Joshua Tree – Timelapse

Wait for it…. wait for it…. and BOOM, explosions in the sky at Boulder Land Joshua Tree, California.

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ocean, long exposure, water

Welcome to Mexico – Wallpaper Wednesday

New country, new rules, new landscapes, new adventures, new new new! Welcome to Mexico!

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sunset, rocks, joshua tree, moon

New Moon Sunset – Wallpaper Wednesday

The USA hosts countless national parks, which is your favorite?

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A Fiery Sunset in the Marin Headlands – Timelapse

Watch as the sun’s flames engulf the sky.

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Crystal Green – Wallpaper Wednesday

Not every ocean has to be crystal blue to be beautiful. On the Cali coast crystal green water is where it’s at!

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Wallpaper Wednesday – October 8th – NYC Skyline

A sunrise or set will give anything a more appealing look. Check out the NYC Skyline as seen from Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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An Evening on the Beach – Cabarete, DR

Countless things to do on the beach and such little time. What are some of your favorite beach activities?

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Wallpaper Wednesday – March 5th – Summer Sailing

Nothing compares to an afternoon sailing on a catamaran. The wallpaper does come close though =P.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – February 26th – Sun Kissed

Kites are made in all different colors and make for great pictures as well as wallpapers!

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sunset, sun, orange, ocean, beautiful sunset

Wallpaper Wednesday – February 19th – Silhouettes

Watching the sun set is something I never think I’ll get tired of. This is one that can be added to my favorite sunsets collection.

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Mojito Bar, It’s Where The “Locals” Go.

Not sure where to start? This one’s a classic.

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Velero Beach Club – Quiet Retreat Close to the Action

let your worries float away with the breeze.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – July 24th – Pink Fluff

It’s Wallpaper Wednesday again!!! This time we take a look to the fiery afternoon skies. One of the many benefits of spending a lot of time outdoors is that you get to see the sky light up in colors as the day comes to an end.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 26th – Tropical Purple Sunset

Riding home from an amazing afternoon surf session I look to my right to see the sky infused with purple and orange. It took a couple of seconds for the beauty to sink in before I turned my moto around to catch another look and snap some pictures.

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