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What Makes the Landscapes of Baja so Unique?

Baja California has many different faces. See what makes the magical landscapes of Baja so unique and beautiful in this thoughtful and gripping photo essay.

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Camping in the Desert – Joshua Tree National Park

Ever been camping in the desert? If not, Joshua Tree National Park is a great place to start.

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Stunning Mountain Peaks of the Rockies

Mountain peaks come in all different shapes and sizes. The ones in the Rockies are no exception.

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A Year of Travel in Wallpapers – 53 Stunning Photos For You!

A year of travel takes you to many different places. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere and other times just right up the street from your local grocery store. Beautiful wallpaper pictures can be found anywhere.

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Wilderness of the Rockies

After spending a week getting acquainted with the wildlife and landscapes of the rockies, we created an epic Wilderness of the Rockies video

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Amazing Local Talent Spotlight: Bahoruco Surf

One kid even surfs a long-board split in half, modified with the fins above the split. Beasts.

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Crashing Waves – Photo Essay

Waves come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Follow me on a journey through the world of waves.

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