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Dunes – Wallpaper Wednesday

Who would expect so much diversity in the desert. Only by doing can we truly see.

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Camping in the Desert – Joshua Tree National Park

Ever been camping in the desert? If not, Joshua Tree National Park is a great place to start.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – August 20th – Soothing Sands

The Soothing Sands of the countless beaches in the Dominican Republic will leave you relaxed and happy to be in the Caribbean.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 4th – Beach Life

Two for the price of one! This week we’re switching it up with a beach life diptic (two pictures, one for your lock screen one for your main screen).

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sand, beach, beach sand, tropics

Wallpaper Wednesday – January 22nd – Saaaand

Sand for miles and miles and miles and miles and…you get it =P

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sand, sandy, beach, ocean, sand dunes

Wallpaper Wednesday – December 4th – Life’s a Beach

They say life can be a beach sometimes, I agree =)

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footprints, sand prints, sand, ocean, beach, choose your own path

Wallpaper Wednesday – October 23 – Create Your Own Path

Which path will you choose?

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Wallpaper Wednesday – August 7th – I Need a Dollar

I need a dolla dolla a dolla is what I need. Enjoy this weeks Wallpaper Wednesday of a Sand Dollar found in the depths of the ocean.

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