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What Makes the Landscapes of Baja so Unique?

Baja California has many different faces. See what makes the magical landscapes of Baja so unique and beautiful in this thoughtful and gripping photo essay.

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Stunning Local Talent Spotlight on Baja’s Colorful Culture

It’s not all about us! Today we’re introducing Jesus Salazar Photography, his wonderful vision of his native Baja, and his role in saving ecosystems.

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Wide Load – EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Review

Looking for a wide angle in the canon lens series? The EF 17-40mm f/4L USM may be everything you want!

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San Francisco’s Famous Ocean Beach

Looking for a combination of birds, people, life and miles of sandy beach? Ocean beach in San Francisco is the spot you’re searching for!

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Stunning Mountain Peaks of the Rockies

Mountain peaks come in all different shapes and sizes. The ones in the Rockies are no exception.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – August 6th – Perspective

Photography, and life, is all about perspective.

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beach hut, hut, beach, blue, stripes

Wallpaper Wednesday – July 30th – Blue Stripes

This is the beach life. Crystal blue water, warm sand through your toes, salty blond hair and blue stripes on the beach hut.

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Fly High – Aerial Pictures of the Dominican Republic

Nothing like getting a birds eye view of this beautiful island. Check out our aerial pictures of the Dominican Republic that we got from a helicopter!

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lizard shadow, lizard, green, leaf, small

Wallpaper Wednesday – July 23rd – Lizard Shadow

Sometimes nature makes you earn the shot. Spend enough time around a certain subject and you’re bound to come back with something like this lizard shadow.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – July 16th – In The Jungle

One of my favorite parts of traveling is hiking through jungles. Especially when you can grab fruit right off the tree as you make your way deeper in.

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ocean, landscape, beautiful landscapes, blue, tropics, caribbean

Wallpaper Wednesday – July 9th – Scenic Route

Take the scenic route and you’ll be impressed for sure. Not only for the views you get but for the peace and quiet you get.

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orange, lines, pattern, wood

Wallpaper Wednesday – July 2nd – Beach Hut

It’s impressive how a subtle change of light can completely change your pictures. The light shinning on this beach hut dramatically changed in a few minutes

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 25th – Computer Garden

Given enough time, nature will grow everywhere. Don’t believe me? Check out this computer garden.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 18th – Carbon Fiber

Macro photography will bring you into a completely different world. The miniature is much more complex than we could imagine. Take nature for example.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 11th – Sun Bathing

The early morning sun is the best sun to relax in. This cat knows what’s up, enjoying the light of the golden hour and the early morning peace.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 4th – Beach Life

Two for the price of one! This week we’re switching it up with a beach life diptic (two pictures, one for your lock screen one for your main screen).

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Wallpaper Wednesday – May 28th – Pure Peace

Peace can be found all over the world. One pristine location is Los Haitises in the DR. If you’ve never been, I’d recommend you do so in the early morning.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – May 21st – Big Yellow

Everyday the sunrises and sets. Bringing life to the world. Take in it’s splendor every once in a while by watching it rise or set

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Wallpaper Wednesday – May 14th – Wave Lover

The ocean is full of beauty. From the animals that reside in its vastness to the waves that form, this wallpaper is for all of the wave lovers out there.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – May 7th – Strikes Dominican Style

All over the world people protest in different ways, some more violently than others. Dominican strikes consist of tire burning and bottle smashing.

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