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Minute Escapes: Swarm of Bees

Sometimes travel is scarier thatn others, what do you do when your van is swarmed by bees?!

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Minute Escapes: Oasis Sunrise

Is this real or just a mirage? Let’s hear this Oasis Sunrise and find out.

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Minute Escapes: Beachside Snooze.

What’s your favorite place to rest? Mine is a Beachside Snooze :) Tune in and listen.

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Minute Escapes: Elephant Seal Mating Season.

Hundreds of them lazing in the sunshine!!! What are they up to? and most importantly, what does this scene sound like?!! This is elephant seal mating season

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Minute Escapes: When the Train Left.

Blending eras, blending climates, blending paces, blending cultures: The maze that is the NYC subway. What sound remained when the train left

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Minute Escapes: Meanwhile, Somewhere in the DR

Meanwhile, somewhere in the DR the heat has you lulled to a gear below your usual pace, you sit below the shade of a large tree. This is what it sounds like

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Redwoods, sequoia, giant trees, get lost, forest, girl, traveler, alone, nature, landscape,

Minute Escapes: Tiny Among Eternal Giants

Silence is the void that connects you to the time these giants were just infants. You are tiny among eternal giants, the sequoias of the redwood forests.

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alcatraz, toilet, shitty room, poor accomodation, travel, san fransisco, freedom, jail, prison,

Minute Escapes: Longing for Freedom

In the wake of Charlie Hebdo, the least we can do to defend free speech is to listen to the voices of those longing for freedom, jailed for speaking them.

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Into the Mangrove Mystery

Minute Escapes: Into the Mangrove Mystery

Gliding on glassy waters, early morning sunlight peering through the tangles of mangrove mystery, just you and the wildlife. Press play. :)

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wanderlust, tree, flight, birds, clouds, california, dreaming, love my life,

Minute Escapes: Birds After the Rain

The December sunshine warming up your skin, the chitter-chatter of the ecstatic birds, but wait, what’s that sound in the background?!

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Sea Horse Ranch, Beach Club, Cabarete, escape, jazz, evening, tropical, exotic, warm,

Minute Escapes: Tropical Jazz Getaway

The warm glow of the candles, the warm summer breeze on your skin, the warm notes of jazz in the air, the sea listening intently.

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