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That Time We Were Pregnant For a Few Days

We weren’t expecting it. I came at the strangest of moments in our travels. What were we going to do?

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A Day in the Life of a Wetsuit

Cold water surfing is a love/hate relationship, and we’re not sure that we fall on the love side of the fence. From surfing Tofino in a wetsuit came this amusing little video, Enjoy!

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2014 Year in Review

Here’s our 2014 catch up in a nice little video bundle. We hope you’ve enjoyed our year in travel 2014, consider joining us next year!

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The Beach Club at Sea Horse Ranch

We loved this place so much we got married there. A wonderful spot for ocean lovers looking for a classy hang-out. Be sure to stop by The Beach Club

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Hostel Kitchen Tips – Tip #8 – Sharing is Caring

One of the best ways to make friends is to share your food. It’s no different on the road! Do it right.

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Fresh Fresh – Better Ingredients, Better Food

Best smoothie place in the area. Get some fresh food in your belly! After all you are what you eat! Be Fresh. Fresh Fresh.

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Gorditos Cabarete — Secret Menu

When you forgot to get groceries and are running late for your 12:45 margarita appointment, come get your Gorditos. You’ll probably run into everyone you know and their mother here, and will be even later. Welcome to Dominican Time.

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La Dolcerie — Served with a Silver Spoon

In the chaos that is the capital of the Dominican Republic, it’s hard to find real good food in Santo Domingo. However, we think we’ve found the best bang for your buck!

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MoPa Cafe — Tropical Tuscany

This little spot has great food in Bayahibe, it’s a little out of the way, but the goodies are made with love.

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Clarixa’s – Best Fish in the Dominican Republic

Get out of your all inclusive, get a car, drive here, stay on this beach for a week, have Clarixa make you breakfast lunch and dinner, watch your outlook on life do a full 180. Seriously. This place is pure Magic!

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Hidden Sanctuary – Flor Cafe

This is a must stop on your tropical vacation in the Dominican Republic. This hidden sanctuary has great food and an even better setting. Read more to find out where you can find it!

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A Real Wild Child

You look at that picture and your first reaction is “EWWW! gross, what is that child doing and where are her parents and why is that photographer not ripping that ugly thing away from her FAAAACE!!”

It’s way better than that though.

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