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Preparing for a Baja Surf Trip

It’s a tough but beautiful penninsula an dbeing ready for the worst means you can relax and enjoy the best. Preparing for a Baja surf trip made easy.

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Karting like Champs in Northern California

Northern California’s mostly known for it’s wine. We got to love it for its roads. Check out the best way of karting Simraceway in Sonoma County.

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A Day in the Life of a Wetsuit

Cold water surfing is a love/hate relationship, and we’re not sure that we fall on the love side of the fence. From surfing Tofino in a wetsuit came this amusing little video, Enjoy!

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Into the Mangrove Mystery

Minute Escapes: Into the Mangrove Mystery

Gliding on glassy waters, early morning sunlight peering through the tangles of mangrove mystery, just you and the wildlife. Press play. :)

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Minute Escapes: Birds After the Rain

The December sunshine warming up your skin, the chitter-chatter of the ecstatic birds, but wait, what’s that sound in the background?!

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Minute Escapes: Tropical Jazz Getaway

The warm glow of the candles, the warm summer breeze on your skin, the warm notes of jazz in the air, the sea listening intently.

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Wilderness of the Rockies

After spending a week getting acquainted with the wildlife and landscapes of the rockies, we created an epic Wilderness of the Rockies video

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Closest Thing to Surfing in Outer Space.

Surfing is so much FUN! until you put on a wetsuit. Just kidding, but really, surfing in wetsuits has a different set of challenges

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Dunas de Bani Shenanigans

Visiting landmarks is fun. Being a child is more fun. See our short little story from Dunas de Bani.

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The South West of the Dominican Republic, Virgin and Remote

Crystal blue water, endless desert, amazing surf and more. The South West of the Dominican Republic is full of beauty.

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Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Fly high and be free. Learning to kite is definitely an experience worth embarking on.

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Taming Not-So-Wild Horses

Not every Dominican Republic Horseback Riding Adventure is this epic. Read all about our good times and see what makes this one so special.

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An Evening on the Beach – Cabarete, DR

Countless things to do on the beach and such little time. What are some of your favorite beach activities?

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Master of the Ocean – Come Back Next Year!

The competition ended this year on the Dominican Independence day so we all had double the reason to party extra hard when the winners were announced! You Guys Friggin’ Rock! Big congrats to this year’s winners on an INCREDIBLE performance. Zane Schweitzer who blew everyone away with his out-of-this-world, were-you-just-born-with-a-board-attached-to-your-feet, stand up paddle board skills, […]

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Master of the Ocean – The Madness Continues

Blowing in the Wind While the conditions were nice on Saturday, Sunday was a little low on wind, and the afternoon heats had to be postponed. It’s not in MOTO style to leave their spectators hanging though, so Plan B was set into motion and we all jumped on the Tip Top for an amazing […]

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Master of the Ocean – It Begins

Day one of masters: Masters was graced with beautiful weather yesterday. A gorgeous sunrise led way to bright and shiny blue sky, nice waves for surf in the morning, and incredible wind in the afternoon.   A few things still had to be taken care of before the competition could proceed….   But after much […]

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Driving Through Yellowstone With Real Life Cartoons.

One of the craziest, funniest things I’ve ever seen happened while I was driving though Yellowstone National Park. It’s a looney tale.

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New Year, New Adventures!

Just your usual epic year in review by a couple travel bloggers who love their life….

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Wallpaper Wednesday – November 13th – Scribbles

The best things in life are free, like this wallpaper =P

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How Cold Could It Possibly Get in the Tropics?

Ten hour hike, freezing rain and no weather proof gear, this is our story.

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