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Epic Baja Highlights as Seen in 20 Beautiful Images

Baja California is a beautiful place to visit, but if you’re not sure where to start, check out these 20 Baja Highlights and get the trip planning started.

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What Makes the Landscapes of Baja so Unique?

Baja California has many different faces. See what makes the magical landscapes of Baja so unique and beautiful in this thoughtful and gripping photo essay.

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Rotation Point – Wallpaper Wednesday

Did you know the entire sky rotates around the North star? Check out this long exposure from the Sea of Cortez called Rotation Point.

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A Fine Reward – Wallpaper Wednesday

A fine reward is in store for those who work for what they want. The end result is always better when you put some effort into it!

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That Sunset – Wallpaper Wednesday

Ever seen that sunset or sunrise that leaves a footprint in you? If you haven’t, you should get out more and watch the sunrise and set!

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Cliff Jumping Bassin Bleu, Haiti

Jolly rancher blue water, cliff jumping and hanging with the locals – Bassin Bleu, Haiti.

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Villa Pajon, Serene Escape in the Dominican Alps

The tropics is all about sun, ocean, and sazón! But if you’ve gotten your fill, think about a retreat to the Dominican Alps before buying a ticket out.

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Off the Beaten Path in Haiti

Getting sick while you’re traveling is never fun, even less so in Haiti. But it’s still a gorgeous country… at times.

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The South West of the Dominican Republic, Virgin and Remote

Crystal blue water, endless desert, amazing surf and more. The South West of the Dominican Republic is full of beauty.

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Remote Camping in the Dominican Republic

Apply sunscreen, Read, Take a dip, Drink water, Repeat. Remote camping in the Dominican Republic happens to be offered at one of its most beautiful beaches.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – May 14th – Wave Lover

The ocean is full of beauty. From the animals that reside in its vastness to the waves that form, this wallpaper is for all of the wave lovers out there.

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The Most Serene Sunrise in the Dominican Republic

So you’ve heard you need to go see Los Haitises National Park on you trip to the Dominican Republic. The question is where to stay in Los Haitises?

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Los Haitises – Tranquil Bird Sanctuary

So far our favorite area in the Dominican Republic, we strongly urge you NOT to miss Los Haitises before leaving the country. Read our post for more tips!

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Wallpaper Wednesday – April 16th – Crystal Blue

If you’ve never seen crystal blue water before, you’re missing out. Playa Rincon has one of the clearest waters in the Dominican Republic.

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A Piece of Genuine Dominican Life

When we were in el El Valle we saw a great big house at the top of the hill. That, and a rumor of a lake called “Laguna del Diablo” got us searching for a road, which we eventually found close to Playa Rincon. We started up that road but eventually it got really bad, […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – April 2nd – Snake River

Our helicopter ride across the Dominican Republic was absolutely beautiful. Today, we share some of the beauty with you =D

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Sketchy Hike to Fronton, for a Breathtaking View

There are a few reasons one would opt for a boat ride instead of a hike to fronton, but we did it and were rewarded with the most magnificent view. Check it

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Wallpaper Wednesday – March 5th – Summer Sailing

Nothing compares to an afternoon sailing on a catamaran. The wallpaper does come close though =P.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – February 26th – Sun Kissed

Kites are made in all different colors and make for great pictures as well as wallpapers!

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Wallpaper Wednesday – February 19th – Silhouettes

Watching the sun set is something I never think I’ll get tired of. This is one that can be added to my favorite sunsets collection.

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