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Curves – Wallpaper Wednesday

Become a predator, let the animal your photographing serve as your prey.

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Curiosity – Wallpaper Wednesday

If there’s one thing we can say about all animals, it’s that their curiosity is undeniable.

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Minute Escapes: Beachside Snooze.

What’s your favorite place to rest? Mine is a Beachside Snooze :) Tune in and listen.

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We All Know What Happens at ‘Lovers Point’ – Photo Essay

We all know what happens at lovers point. We take really nice sunrise pictures, get your mind out of the gutter!

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Welcome to Mexico – Wallpaper Wednesday

New country, new rules, new landscapes, new adventures, new new new! Welcome to Mexico!

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The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach

Ever surfed a wave so long that you had time to plan out your day while riding it? If not, you should check out the The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach, CA.

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Crystal Green – Wallpaper Wednesday

Not every ocean has to be crystal blue to be beautiful. On the Cali coast crystal green water is where it’s at!

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Watching and Wishing – Wallpaper Wednesday

Seagulls have yet to master wave riding like Pelicans so who knows if this is true or not.

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San Francisco’s Famous Ocean Beach

Looking for a combination of birds, people, life and miles of sandy beach? Ocean beach in San Francisco is the spot you’re searching for!

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Coastal Giants – Wallpaper Wednesday

Silhouettes sitting on the beach with a history greater than we could imagine. Seen here as coastal giants.

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playa el valle, beach, ocean, landscape, dominican republic

The Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

We’re allergic to resorts, thankfully the Dominican Republic has many beaches out of the all-inclusive gate. Here’s our Top Beaches in the Dominican Republic

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Wallpaper Wednesday – September 24th – Breathtaking Blue

Have you ever seen so many beautiful shades of blue?

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The Beach Club at Sea Horse Ranch

We loved this place so much we got married there. A wonderful spot for ocean lovers looking for a classy hang-out. Be sure to stop by The Beach Club

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Wallpaper Wednesday – August 20th – Soothing Sands

The Soothing Sands of the countless beaches in the Dominican Republic will leave you relaxed and happy to be in the Caribbean.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – August 13th – Deserted Beach

Miles of deserted beach for two? Yes please!

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Wallpaper Wednesday – August 6th – Perspective

Photography, and life, is all about perspective.

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beach hut, hut, beach, blue, stripes

Wallpaper Wednesday – July 30th – Blue Stripes

This is the beach life. Crystal blue water, warm sand through your toes, salty blond hair and blue stripes on the beach hut.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – July 2nd – Beach Hut

It’s impressive how a subtle change of light can completely change your pictures. The light shinning on this beach hut dramatically changed in a few minutes

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 4th – Beach Life

Two for the price of one! This week we’re switching it up with a beach life diptic (two pictures, one for your lock screen one for your main screen).

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Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Fly high and be free. Learning to kite is definitely an experience worth embarking on.

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