“We Travel and Blog” Manifesto

Outward exploration leads to inward exploration.

Travel the world

Love yo’ self

Love yo’ peers

Love yo’ mama (nature)

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“We Travel and Blog” Mission

By leading by example, “We Travel and Blog” hopes to inspire positive change in the world by promoting:


Healthy living

By focusing on healthy activities such as yoga, hiking, surfing, and others, as well as focusing on natural diet and healthcare for travelers, we hope to set an example for a healthy and active lifestyle at home and away.


Conscious / Sustainable travel

By using, reviewing, promoting, and partnering up with sustainable, ecologically and socially conscious products, services, brands, and experiences, we hope to inspire others to make smarter decisions about the way they use their purchasing powers in their everyday life, on the road and at home.


Natural exploration

By exposing travelers, active and armchair alike, to beautiful landscapers and animal life, we hope to chafe the relationship they have with nature in their local environment and worldwide.



We hope to inspire people to make a difference not by focusing on what is wrong and negative in the world, but instead by highlighting the positive lifestyles, movements, solutions, and experiences available to them, worldwide, and by generally creating a mood of hope, love, connection, and positivity.



  1. I have mentioned your blog on one of my posts, I hope that’s okay. Im a new blogger and you gave me some great blogspiration!!

    Jade – poppingover.com

  2. Hey what’s up guys! I’m that cashier at target that asked if you guys were going hiking. I just dropping by to check out your website. I gotta say, you guys live some pretty awesome lives. Hope you guys change some lives while your out in their in the vastness of this world. You guys have a good one!

  3. Hi there!!! I am 1000 % proud to be Dominican and when I see these kind of writing about my country I feel even more proud of being Dominican. By saying this I would like to congratulate you for a great job done, I love what you do and would like to encourage you to keep on going. To let you know a little bit about myself, I have been in the tourism business for more than 18 years now and like everybody else I have my dreams, I am putting together a tourism project that involves mountain biking and outdoor sports in the Dominican Republic, but I want to don something different, I’d like that the people who decide to visit us trough my company could have the ultimate experience by doing things no tourist have ever done before. I really would like to hear form you and share comments as well, and whenever you come to D.R, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I live in the Punta Cana area and know my way very well arround my country. My phone # is 809-747-4656, give me a call, it’ll be great. THX.

    Eliezer ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! It’s a beautiful country with a lot more diversity than people think!! Your project sounds great, there is so much untouched and unexplored area to mountain bike through, that would be an awesome adventure. We won’t be back in the DR for a pretty long time but we’ll keep you in our thoughts when we do go back!

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