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Picking up a Hitchhiker Without a Cowboy Hat

Two strangers cross paths and help each other get “home”
Picking up hitchhikers isn’t always a bad idea.

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US Interstate Numbering System Life Hack

With this US Interstate Numbering System Life Hack, You’ll never have to look at a GPS again.
Sure you can have one just for fun, but you’ll know you’ll be fine without it.

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Caught in a Snow Storm Alone, Without a Jacket

“Always pack a blanket in the car” my dad had told me when I learned to drive. “just in case”
Here I was, caught in a snow storm alone, no blanket or jacket

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Planning a Road Trip in the US, your ULTIMATE resource guide

Planning a Road Trip in the US? Great Idea! Read this first or you’ll be missing out on a ton of resources to save on and create your epic journey. This is your ULTIMATE road trip resource guide for the United States.

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Driving Through Yellowstone With Real Life Cartoons.

One of the craziest, funniest things I’ve ever seen happened while I was driving though Yellowstone National Park. It’s a looney tale.

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Driver’s high

They say you shouldn’t drive drowsy, but something very strange happens if you push through it while driving long distances.

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