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Camping in the Desert – Joshua Tree National Park

Ever been camping in the desert? If not, Joshua Tree National Park is a great place to start.

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Helpful Tips to Make California Travel More Affordable

It’s so expensive to travel California you’d think the Golden State and its Golden Gate are actually made of gold. Don’t worry, We have your helpful tips for cheap California travel.

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Lover’s Point – Wallpaper Wednesday

Anywhere that is called lovers point usually has a pretty nice view. This one is of no exception.

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Cute Piles of Blubber – Elephant Seals in Mating Season

From the distance all you hear are farts. Cross over the sand dunes to find hundreds of giant piles of blubber. They are elephant seals of course!

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Pelicans Chillin – Wallpaper Wednesday

Can anyone guess what this is a picture of before reading on? Go Green =D

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Minute Escapes: Elephant Seal Mating Season.

Hundreds of them lazing in the sunshine!!! What are they up to? and most importantly, what does this scene sound like?!! This is elephant seal mating season

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We All Know What Happens at ‘Lovers Point’ – Photo Essay

We all know what happens at lovers point. We take really nice sunrise pictures, get your mind out of the gutter!

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Go Green – Wallpaper Wednesday

Can anyone guess what this is a picture of before reading on? Go Green =D

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Boulder Land, Joshua Tree – Timelapse

Wait for it…. wait for it…. and BOOM, explosions in the sky at Boulder Land Joshua Tree, California.

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Karting like Champs in Northern California

Northern California’s mostly known for it’s wine. We got to love it for its roads. Check out the best way of karting Simraceway in Sonoma County.

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Minute Escapes: When the Train Left.

Blending eras, blending climates, blending paces, blending cultures: The maze that is the NYC subway. What sound remained when the train left

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The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach

Ever surfed a wave so long that you had time to plan out your day while riding it? If not, you should check out the The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach, CA.

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New Moon Sunset – Wallpaper Wednesday

The USA hosts countless national parks, which is your favorite?

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A Fiery Sunset in the Marin Headlands – Timelapse

Watch as the sun’s flames engulf the sky.

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Crystal Green – Wallpaper Wednesday

Not every ocean has to be crystal blue to be beautiful. On the Cali coast crystal green water is where it’s at!

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Van Life – Wallpaper Wednesday

This is our home. The van life is an interesting one, to say the least.

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From Paradise to the ‘Land of the Free’

It seems people mostly talk about how they become culturally shocked when they go to a new place, but what of reverse culture shock?

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Watching and Wishing – Wallpaper Wednesday

Seagulls have yet to master wave riding like Pelicans so who knows if this is true or not.

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Minute Escapes: Tiny Among Eternal Giants

Silence is the void that connects you to the time these giants were just infants. You are tiny among eternal giants, the sequoias of the redwood forests.

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free camping in the bay area

Free Camping Near San Fransisco, and an AirBnB guest!

It’s near impossible to find free camping near San Fransisco, but we did it! Read all about that and our adventures with our first AirBnB guest in the Westy

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