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La Dolcerie — Served with a Silver Spoon

In the chaos that is the capital of the Dominican Republic, it’s hard to find real good food in Santo Domingo. However, we think we’ve found the best bang for your buck!

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Food Friday – Chicharrón Light – El Presidente of Dominican Chicharrones

Fried pork rinds might not be your thing, but go ahead and this place will change your mind. If you already love your greasy meat, don’t miss Chicharrón Light on your trip to the Dominican Republic.

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A Trip Back in Time – Fortaleza Ozama

A blast to the 1500’s when Fortaleza Ozama was first built. A historic site found in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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Just Keep Swimming – National Aquarium Review

We’ve made another trip to Santo Domingo to check on the progress of my Chilean passport. That only took a couple of hours so we needed some other things to do to keep us entertained. We ended up at the National Aquarium.

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Los Tres Ojos – Stunning Caves in Santo Domingo

Cities don’t tend to offer too much along the lines of nature but Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic is different. There are a number of beautiful places to visit. One of them being the “Tres Ojos Caves”. Crystal clear water, beautiful rock formations and free massage from by the fishies.

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