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Wallpaper Wednesday – April 9th – That Moment

And weeeee, down the wave we go, into a fluffy, cuddly, bath of bubbles.

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A Piece of Genuine Dominican Life

When we were in el El Valle we saw a great big house at the top of the hill. That, and a rumor of a lake called “Laguna del Diablo” got us searching for a road, which we eventually found close to Playa Rincon. We started up that road but eventually it got really bad, […]

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Sketchy Hike to Fronton, for a Breathtaking View

There are a few reasons one would opt for a boat ride instead of a hike to fronton, but we did it and were rewarded with the most magnificent view. Check it

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La Dolcerie — Served with a Silver Spoon

In the chaos that is the capital of the Dominican Republic, it’s hard to find real good food in Santo Domingo. However, we think we’ve found the best bang for your buck!

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Mystery of the Bridges Of Samana

The Bridges of Samaná are three bridges built between two small islands in the bay of Samaná, and the mainland just outside of the town of Samaná (also, but less commonly knows as Santa Bàrbara) Where Do the Bridges of Samana Go? There are multiple theories as to how they got there, some believe it has […]

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Backpacker Hostel Samaná

Find out why Backpacker Hostel Samaná is a great hub to get accustomed to the Dominican culture, get your bearings straight, plan your trip, and take off to greener pastures.

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The Best Way to Visit Saltos de Limón

You don’t want to break the bank! And you don’t have to; let us show you the best way to visit Saltos de Limón for under $5USD per person.

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MoPa Cafe — Tropical Tuscany

This little spot has great food in Bayahibe, it’s a little out of the way, but the goodies are made with love.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – March 5th – Summer Sailing

Nothing compares to an afternoon sailing on a catamaran. The wallpaper does come close though =P.

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Surfing in Cabarete

Looking to learn how to surf? Cabarete, Dominican Republic is a perfect place to do so!

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Master of the Ocean – Come Back Next Year!

The competition ended this year on the Dominican Independence day so we all had double the reason to party extra hard when the winners were announced! You Guys Friggin’ Rock! Big congrats to this year’s winners on an INCREDIBLE performance. Zane Schweitzer who blew everyone away with his out-of-this-world, were-you-just-born-with-a-board-attached-to-your-feet, stand up paddle board skills, […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – February 26th – Sun Kissed

Kites are made in all different colors and make for great pictures as well as wallpapers!

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Master of the Ocean – The Madness Continues

Blowing in the Wind While the conditions were nice on Saturday, Sunday was a little low on wind, and the afternoon heats had to be postponed. It’s not in MOTO style to leave their spectators hanging though, so Plan B was set into motion and we all jumped on the Tip Top for an amazing […]

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Master of the Ocean – It Begins

Day one of masters: Masters was graced with beautiful weather yesterday. A gorgeous sunrise led way to bright and shiny blue sky, nice waves for surf in the morning, and incredible wind in the afternoon.   A few things still had to be taken care of before the competition could proceed….   But after much […]

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Master of the Ocean

We’re very excited to announce the start of the Master of the Ocean competition here in Cabarete.
A 5 day competition/extravaganza/showcase of watersports.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – February 19th – Silhouettes

Watching the sun set is something I never think I’ll get tired of. This is one that can be added to my favorite sunsets collection.

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Fiesta Fiesta – Carnival Dominican Republic

Today marks the third carnival of the season. Make sure not to miss out, but if you can’t make it to one, enjoy these pictures from our trip!

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Wallpaper Wednesday – February 12th – Inspired Tranquility

Add a wallpaper to your desktop that will really make you feel at peace. This week is all about inspired tranquility.

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Clarixa’s – Best Fish in the Dominican Republic

Get out of your all inclusive, get a car, drive here, stay on this beach for a week, have Clarixa make you breakfast lunch and dinner, watch your outlook on life do a full 180. Seriously. This place is pure Magic!

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Wallpaper Wednesday – February 5th – Bush Lines

Another journey into details for this weeks wallpaper. Check out the growth pattern of the stem.

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