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The competition ended this year on the Dominican Independence day so we all had double the reason to party extra hard when the winners were announced! You Guys Friggin’ Rock! Big congrats to this year’s winners on an INCREDIBLE performance. Zane Schweitzer who blew everyone away with his out-of-this-world, were-you-just-born-with-a-board-attached-to-your-feet, stand up paddle board skills, and took home the grand trophy and bragging rights of 2014 MASTER of the ocean. inZane. :) Fiona Wylde who made everything look easy, and had a little fun doing a head stand during her surf expression session. This lady is full of potential, and at just 17 years of age, we can’t wait to see where she goes after taking home the Lady’s Master of the Ocean title. These two athletes aren’t only amazing for their athletic skills, but also because their attitude just brightened up the whole competition. Both really know what sportsmanship and humbleness mean, but aren’t afraid to spice things up with some silliness. Cabarete will miss you guys, thanks for making it!! Of course, there’s more to this competition than just the overalls, so check out the facebook page to see the full list of MOTO2014 winners. BIG BIG BIG congrats to everyone who competed! Sure things got a little hectic at times! But we had the wonderful chiropractors from Servimed and massage therapists from Andari Spa to balance us out again when the going got rough. Here’s waterman and competition creator Marcus Bohm getting a well deserved treatment. All In a Day’s Work. What makes this competition awesome is that it pushes competitors to their limits in both skill & stamina. It’s all about the sports, all four of them. Master the Ocean, Master the Wind, Master your Self, take home the prize, and do it all in a day’s work. 8:00 am Surf — Like a Boss 10:00 am SUP– Like a Boss 1:00pm Kite — Like a Boss (with a GIANT smile on your face) 2:00pm Wind Surf — Like a Boss (with two other incredible athletes)   MOTO + Cabarete = Perfection Where else in the world does the sky look speckled with kite confetti all afternoon?!?!   Watersports created Cabarete, and Cabarete is now home to the most comprehensive and unique water sport competition. It’s… Continue Reading