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Jungle Pace – Wallpaper Wednesday

Suddenly, silence swept through trees. You just entered Jungle pace.

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Minute Escapes: Meanwhile, Somewhere in the DR

Meanwhile, somewhere in the DR the heat has you lulled to a gear below your usual pace, you sit below the shade of a large tree. This is what it sounds like

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Enveloped in Clouds – Timelapse

Watch as the clouds envelop the sky, mountains and each other. This timelapse is about 2-3 hours scaled down to around 30 seconds! Enjoy.

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Into the Mangrove Mystery

Minute Escapes: Into the Mangrove Mystery

Gliding on glassy waters, early morning sunlight peering through the tangles of mangrove mystery, just you and the wildlife. Press play. :)

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A Camper’s Guide to the Dominican Republic

A list of tested areas for camping in the Dominican Republic. Camping here will allow you to visit the island on a budget with a gazillion star rating ;)

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WTAB 100 Dollar Challenge – Dominican Republic

How far can 100 USD get you? It took me pretty far and on a lot of adventures. Check out our WTAB 100 Dollar Challenge video!

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A Fresh Look at Landscapes of the Dominican Republic

The island of the DR is a beautiful place. There are 9 ecological regions in a pretty small area. Check out our Landscapes of the Dominican Republic photos!

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Crazier than Paragliding in the Dominican Republic

Sometimes it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Paragliding in the Dominican Republic is fun. Getting there is even more fun.

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The Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

We’re allergic to resorts, thankfully the Dominican Republic has many beaches out of the all-inclusive gate. Here’s our Top Beaches in the Dominican Republic

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Dunas de Bani Shenanigans

Visiting landmarks is fun. Being a child is more fun. See our short little story from Dunas de Bani.

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Kids of the Dominican Republic

One of the best ways I’ve used my camera was this photo essay through the streets of Cabarete capturing the kids of the Dominican Republic.

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A Pinch Of Salt – Las Salinas

Check out this photo essay from Las Salinas salt farm below and think of these guys the next time you salt your food!

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Stuck in the Mud

It’s all fun and games until someone gets stuck in the mud. Then it’s a circus riot. All about our misadventures on the way to the Aguas Blancas waterfalls!

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The Beach Club at Sea Horse Ranch

We loved this place so much we got married there. A wonderful spot for ocean lovers looking for a classy hang-out. Be sure to stop by The Beach Club

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Crocodile Hunting – Laguna Enriquillo

Never having seen a crocodile I went on the hunt, crocodile hunting, but not the kind of hunting you’re thinking of.

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Top Ten Third World Border Crossing Tips

Crossing borders is a hassle. It always is, but in the third world, it can be flat out intimidating. Here are our top ten third world border crossing tips.

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Cliff Jumping Bassin Bleu, Haiti

Jolly rancher blue water, cliff jumping and hanging with the locals – Bassin Bleu, Haiti.

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Villa Pajon, Serene Escape in the Dominican Alps

The tropics is all about sun, ocean, and sazón! But if you’ve gotten your fill, think about a retreat to the Dominican Alps before buying a ticket out.

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Lizards of the Dominican Republic – Photo Essay

Did you know that one species of lizard actually grabs onto surfaces at a molecular level. Check out the lizards of the Dominican Republic.

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Off the Beaten Path in Haiti

Getting sick while you’re traveling is never fun, even less so in Haiti. But it’s still a gorgeous country… at times.

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