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A Day in the Life of a Wetsuit

Cold water surfing is a love/hate relationship, and we’re not sure that we fall on the love side of the fence. From surfing Tofino in a wetsuit came this amusing little video, Enjoy!

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The Night’s Twinkle – Timelapse

The Night’s Twinkle is spectacular. On any given night you can see the sky riddled with beautiful shinning stars.

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Stunning Mountain Peaks of the Rockies

Mountain peaks come in all different shapes and sizes. The ones in the Rockies are no exception.

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A Stunning Hike Up Johnston Canyon – Ink Pots

One hike, two hours, three seasons, check it out!

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Wallpaper Wednesday – December 17th – Tip Top

The moon joins a local mountain peak for a late afternoon chat.

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The Odd Job: Board Shaping

Join us as Chris Worgan shapes sick boards in his Vancouver shop and gives us the scoop on the life of a board shaper. The Odd Job: Board Shaping Vancouver

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Sunrise From Mont Royal – Timelapse

Montreal has a beautiful hill in the center of the city. There are various outlook points and one that faces East for a beautiful sunrise.

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From East to West – Canada By Rail

From the East side to the West side! Now the real fun begins!!! =D

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Wilderness of the Rockies

After spending a week getting acquainted with the wildlife and landscapes of the rockies, we created an epic Wilderness of the Rockies video

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Closest Thing to Surfing in Outer Space.

Surfing is so much FUN! until you put on a wetsuit. Just kidding, but really, surfing in wetsuits has a different set of challenges

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Dozing Into Hibernation

It was hard surviving winter in Montreal for 10 years. Coming back 3 years later inspired me to write a poem and set it to a video. Adapting and learning…

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One Moment Please

Have no fear we’ll be back on schedule in no time. On a side note, have you ever seen a moose?

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Trouble at the Border

“You take care now…” Oh the things I get myself into!

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