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Our Zero Waste Travel Goal

Being Zero Waste is already hard at home, try taking it on the road! We’re sharing our Zero Waste Travel stories with you!

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Sharing a Vanagon with a Longboard.

A Westy is already tight quarters, let us show you how to Install a roof rack on a Vanagon so you can get your space back and not have to live how we did.

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free camping in the bay area

Free Camping Near San Fransisco, and an AirBnB guest!

It’s near impossible to find free camping near San Fransisco, but we did it! Read all about that and our adventures with our first AirBnB guest in the Westy

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How To Replace a Vanagon Propane Tank Valve

Jade and Gabriel form We Travel and Blog show you how to how to replace a Vanagon propane tank valve.

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