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Food Friday – Chicharrón Light – El Presidente of Dominican Chicharrones

Fried pork rinds might not be your thing, but go ahead and this place will change your mind. If you already love your greasy meat, don’t miss Chicharrón Light on your trip to the Dominican Republic.

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Food Friday–The Intoxicating Swampy Magic Of Ali’s Surf Camp Restaurant

Some times when you travel you run into rare finds with such special atmospheres they impregnate every bit of your soul and stick with you forever. The colourful restaurant at Ali’s Surf Camp is one of those places.

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Food Friday – This is a sunny place for shady people – “Uno Mas” Cabarete Review

Read our review to see why we think this place is like a chain-smoking yogi dressed in bright pastel shades of Lululemon.

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