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Camping in the Desert – Joshua Tree National Park

Ever been camping in the desert? If not, Joshua Tree National Park is a great place to start.

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Cute Piles of Blubber – Elephant Seals in Mating Season

From the distance all you hear are farts. Cross over the sand dunes to find hundreds of giant piles of blubber. They are elephant seals of course!

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We All Know What Happens at ‘Lovers Point’ – Photo Essay

We all know what happens at lovers point. We take really nice sunrise pictures, get your mind out of the gutter!

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The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach

Ever surfed a wave so long that you had time to plan out your day while riding it? If not, you should check out the The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach, CA.

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A Fiery Sunset in the Marin Headlands – Timelapse

Watch as the sun’s flames engulf the sky.

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A Stunning Hike Up Johnston Canyon – Ink Pots

One hike, two hours, three seasons, check it out!

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Autumn in Maryland

While we were visiting Maryland we had a series of small outdoor adventures. Autumn Nature in Maryland We went canoeing, hiking, apple picking, and hunting for sunflowers. We came back with photos we love as treasures and we’re going to share some of favorites with you. Most have their own little story. Good Views, Good […]

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A New Look on Great Falls Park

If you live in Maryland and you’ve never been to the Great Falls, you’re missing out!

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Superheroes in the Forrest

Life’s more fun when you pretend you’re a kid. That’s easier when you bring one along. Next time you hike, consider hiking with children.

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Crocodile Hunting – Laguna Enriquillo

Never having seen a crocodile I went on the hunt, crocodile hunting, but not the kind of hunting you’re thinking of.

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Hoyo De Pelempito – Timelapse

The Hoyo De Pelempito is a marvelous site to see. A huge valley that would take one days to cross.

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Fly High – Aerial Pictures of the Dominican Republic

Nothing like getting a birds eye view of this beautiful island. Check out our aerial pictures of the Dominican Republic that we got from a helicopter!

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Taming Not-So-Wild Horses

Not every Dominican Republic Horseback Riding Adventure is this epic. Read all about our good times and see what makes this one so special.

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Los Haitises – Tranquil Bird Sanctuary

So far our favorite area in the Dominican Republic, we strongly urge you NOT to miss Los Haitises before leaving the country. Read our post for more tips!

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An Evening on the Beach – Cabarete, DR

Countless things to do on the beach and such little time. What are some of your favorite beach activities?

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A Piece of Genuine Dominican Life

When we were in el El Valle we saw a great big house at the top of the hill. That, and a rumor of a lake called “Laguna del Diablo” got us searching for a road, which we eventually found close to Playa Rincon. We started up that road but eventually it got really bad, […]

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Sketchy Hike to Fronton, for a Breathtaking View

There are a few reasons one would opt for a boat ride instead of a hike to fronton, but we did it and were rewarded with the most magnificent view. Check it

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How Cold Could It Possibly Get in the Tropics?

Ten hour hike, freezing rain and no weather proof gear, this is our story.

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A Different Kind of Magic Mushroom Trip

The kind that really lets you get in touch with nature.

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Montecristi – Dominican Republic

Usually the hardest beaches to find are the most beautiful. On our trip to Monte Cristi we found one of the many on the island.

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