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Stunning Local Talent Spotlight on Baja’s Colorful Culture

It’s not all about us! Today we’re introducing Jesus Salazar Photography, his wonderful vision of his native Baja, and his role in saving ecosystems.

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Sharing a Vanagon with a Longboard.

A Westy is already tight quarters, let us show you how to Install a roof rack on a Vanagon so you can get your space back and not have to live how we did.

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The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach

Ever surfed a wave so long that you had time to plan out your day while riding it? If not, you should check out the The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach, CA.

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A Day in the Life of a Wetsuit

Cold water surfing is a love/hate relationship, and we’re not sure that we fall on the love side of the fence. From surfing Tofino in a wetsuit came this amusing little video, Enjoy!

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The Odd Job: Board Shaping

Join us as Chris Worgan shapes sick boards in his Vancouver shop and gives us the scoop on the life of a board shaper. The Odd Job: Board Shaping Vancouver

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Closest Thing to Surfing in Outer Space.

Surfing is so much FUN! until you put on a wetsuit. Just kidding, but really, surfing in wetsuits has a different set of challenges

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