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Klean Kanteen review, cap, steel water bottle, durable

The Klean Kanteen Has No Kryptonite

Superman’s Water Bottle

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30 Day Sunrise Challenge

Thirty days, thirty sunrises, thirty pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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I Need More Caloriessss

Here’s a short list of post-workout foods that will help you pack on muscle no matter where you are.

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How My Brother Ended Up in the Hospital Hooked Up to an IV in the Tropics

My brother came to visit us in the Dominican Republic and spent an afternoon hooked up to an IV. What happened?

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Sweet Sweet Almonds – Local Homemade Deliciousness

Almonds are delicious already without anything added to them. You can spice them up in a huge number of ways. Read on to learn more =).

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Protecting Your Skin from the Cancer… in Your Sunscreen

That trademark coconut smell is summer in a jar in my books; it could be the middle of winter but if I smell that smell I’m immediately transported to summer. But it’s suggested some ingredients in sunscreen actually promote cancer. We’ll help you make sure you’re staying safe.

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