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Trade Ya? – Travel Hack

How does one trade to travel the world for free? Come find out.

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Helpful Tips to Make California Travel More Affordable

It’s so expensive to travel California you’d think the Golden State and its Golden Gate are actually made of gold. Don’t worry, We have your helpful tips for cheap California travel.

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A Camper’s Guide to the Dominican Republic

A list of tested areas for camping in the Dominican Republic. Camping here will allow you to visit the island on a budget with a gazillion star rating ;)

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WTAB 100 Dollar Challenge – Dominican Republic

How far can 100 USD get you? It took me pretty far and on a lot of adventures. Check out our WTAB 100 Dollar Challenge video!

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Traveling Couple Finances Made Simple

Sharing finances as a couple can already be a strain on the relationship,even worst while. Traveling couple finances don’t have to be such a heartache……

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The Best Way to Visit Saltos de Limón

You don’t want to break the bank! And you don’t have to; let us show you the best way to visit Saltos de Limón for under $5USD per person.

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Once a Haggler Always a Haggler

Once a haggler always a haggler they say. Take a dive into the art of haggling.

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Top 5 ways to Avoid Obnoxious Money Issues While Traveling

Getting stuck with nothing in the middle of nowhere is one of the biggest fears for travel virgins, and sometimes even seasoned vagabonds. We’ve got 5 easily avoidable nightmare scenarios you should prepare for and their solutions, should you find yourself in a bind.

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Wanderlust Blues Cure – Part II

You don’t need to travel far to quench your wanderlust craving. It is after all, your very soul craving its own self exploration. Set it free and travel in your home town. We’ve got some tips to get you started.

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Top Ten Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust Blues From Home

Stuck at home staring at beautiful and exotic pictures, wishing you were anywhere but here? Don’t despair, we’ve got your wanderlust blues cure right here!

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