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Wallpaper Wednesday – August 14th – Flying Solo

Flying solo, sweet but sour.

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New Look for We Travel & Blog

Dressing the part isn’t always easy, especially when you have a whole new language to learn. Read all about the ups and downs of getting our branding closer to what we’re looking for.

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What If You Have a Gun to Your Head? Part I

This is not something you want to happen to you, but it happened to us, so we’re sharing..
Part 1 of a 6 part series.

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Photo Etiquette

Can you really steal someone’s soul by snatching their snapshot? It all depends on how you define “soul” and how candid you are with your portraits.

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Top 5 ways to Avoid Obnoxious Money Issues While Traveling

Getting stuck with nothing in the middle of nowhere is one of the biggest fears for travel virgins, and sometimes even seasoned vagabonds. We’ve got 5 easily avoidable nightmare scenarios you should prepare for and their solutions, should you find yourself in a bind.

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Food Friday – Chicharrón Light – El Presidente of Dominican Chicharrones

Fried pork rinds might not be your thing, but go ahead and this place will change your mind. If you already love your greasy meat, don’t miss Chicharrón Light on your trip to the Dominican Republic.

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Wanderlust Blues Cure – Part II

You don’t need to travel far to quench your wanderlust craving. It is after all, your very soul craving its own self exploration. Set it free and travel in your home town. We’ve got some tips to get you started.

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Food Friday–The Intoxicating Swampy Magic Of Ali’s Surf Camp Restaurant

Some times when you travel you run into rare finds with such special atmospheres they impregnate every bit of your soul and stick with you forever. The colourful restaurant at Ali’s Surf Camp is one of those places.

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Top Ten Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust Blues From Home

Stuck at home staring at beautiful and exotic pictures, wishing you were anywhere but here? Don’t despair, we’ve got your wanderlust blues cure right here!

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Scared of heights? How about underwater?

We finally made it to Sosua for a little snorkel session and came face to face with death itself. Well, sorta. Read all about the in-this-case–very effective–male trick of seduction called “delayed promises” and unintentionally challenging snorkel sessions.

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Food Friday – This is a sunny place for shady people – “Uno Mas” Cabarete Review

Read our review to see why we think this place is like a chain-smoking yogi dressed in bright pastel shades of Lululemon.

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What cliff jumping and travel blogs have in common

Official launch means we’re officially spamming the $#@! out of everyone we know so you’re all aware that there’s something happening in our lives. We’re comparing it to cliff jumping so you’ll be more interested =)

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Take a Closer Look – Photo Essay

Come on a teeny-tiny journey with us through the world of the miniature!

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Traditional Chocolate de Agua

Try this super quick, easy, and delicious traditional Dominican non-dairy hot chocolate to liven up your day. Did you know chocolate is actually good for you? Well, sort of. Read on :)

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Protecting Your Skin from the Cancer… in Your Sunscreen

That trademark coconut smell is summer in a jar in my books; it could be the middle of winter but if I smell that smell I’m immediately transported to summer. But it’s suggested some ingredients in sunscreen actually promote cancer. We’ll help you make sure you’re staying safe.

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Packing for Fun in the Sun — Part 1: For Ladies

So you’ve made up your mind, you’ve booked your time off, you’ve reserved a flight, you might as well be on that plane already!!!
Or do you?
There are things you might have forgotten, and things you probably don’t want to take; let us run you through our perfect Caribbean packing list, with a special Cabarete twist.

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A Real Wild Child

You look at that picture and your first reaction is “EWWW! gross, what is that child doing and where are her parents and why is that photographer not ripping that ugly thing away from her FAAAACE!!”

It’s way better than that though.

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Peace, Quiet, and Horse Manure

Here in the tropics, it’s easy to get your hands dirty, but that’s only fair when it’s so easy to relax. We got down and dirty replanting banana suckers to help out the Taino Organic Permaculture Farm and got to enjoy a refreshing dip in the river, deliciously fresh food, and an unbeatably quiet night in return. Read all about how to plant a banana circle, and why we love our life!

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