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So we made it to Mexico City after half a year of journeying from Tofino down the West Coast. It seems there is where our luck decided to run out. I’m not usually one to ask for help, but I’ll warn you now that by the time this post is over, I will be asking for your help. Upon entering the city we headed straight to the mechanic to check on some issues Big Blu was having. First order of business was getting the gas tank down to solder the parts that leaked and made it impossible for us to fill up more than 3/4 tank. While this wasn’t as big an issue at sea level, the altitude burned a lot of gas, and 3/4 tank didn’t get us very far. The tank emptied, dried, soldered, and placed back in its proper home by end of day, we headed back to our AirBnB pad for a night’s rest before proceeding with the troubleshooting of the mysterious starting issues we had now run into twice. The sun is setting, it’s rush hour, the mechanic’s shop is closed, my phone’s wonky international service isn’t working, we’re on one of the DF’s busiest inner-city thoroughfares, “el periferico,” going uphill around a bend. Big Blu decides this is where she’d like to buck, lose power, and eventually stall. This is NOT good. I’m ashamed to say I lost my shit right then and there. I had no idea how we were going to make it out of this situation. The darkening sky would make it harder for the traffic to see us, for us to see anything at all. My phone wasn’t getting through to any number and anyway the only person I had to call was our AirBnB host. We had no idea what was wrong with the car and I didn’t feel comfortable getting out of it anyway for fear an inattentive driver would hit me going uphill. I panicked. Gabriel kept his shit together quite nicely however and sent me to have a breath and calm down while waving a rag a few yards down the way to make sure no one hit us. Meanwhile he proceeded to fiddle with this and that hoping something would work. After a bit, a… Continue Reading, zero waste, zero waste travel, zero waste goal, trash, trash is for tossers View More

Traveling with a zero trash goal sure is challenging, but we’re doing all we can to stick to it. April came and went in a flash. This month we managed to get a real count of our trash, which we’re updating monthly on Facebook. You can see it below. Our Zero waste tally this month. Trash:23 miscellaneous plastic bags10 granola/chocolate bar/cookie wrappers7 beer… Posted by We Travel And Blog on Friday, May 1, 2015 As you can see, it’s been very difficult for us to source food which doesn’t come in plastic bags. Between the tortillas, bread, bagged veggies, etc… we had a plastic bag of some sort for almost every day of the month. We started getting better by the end of the month at bringing our own containers to establishments. For example, you can get fresh tortillas right off the press in so many parts of Mexico, but they bag them. I started bringing a plate and asking them to put a dozen tortillas on them. I stored them in a re-used cranberry ziplock bag when I get back to the van. Some street vendors have pre-packaged food, like sun-dried fruit.  I’ve been emptying the contents into glass jars and returning the bag to the merchant Click To Tweet Still the plastic bags remain an issue. We finished our Costco box of granola bars. We now stick to nuts and dates. It’s hard to bake cookies in the van! by which I mean impossible. We’ll have to try harder to find non-grocery store cookies, or another alternative. We had extra milk cartons this month from the puppy’s formula, but milk cartons remain difficult to deal with. We mostly drink almond milk, which can be homemade if you have a blender, but that’s not an option in the van. Still looking for a solution. We kept some recyclables for almost a whole month looking for a place to dump them. Aluminum cans turned out to be really easy, we drop them off at metal scraps places, they take them willingly. Plastic and glass bottles proved to be impossible to recycle in Baja. Fortunately, we didn’t have any plastic bottles, and glass doesn’t have too hard of an impact on the environment, but from now on we’re going to have to… Continue Reading