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Floods of People in a Massive Concrete Jungle – Hyperlapse

Watch as floods of people navigate through a concrete jungle. None other than New York City.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Hummingbird Silhouette

A beautiful Hummingbird silhouette sits atop of a tree overlooking the rolling hills of California’s beautiful coast.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – January 7th – California Coast

Rollin down the California coast, nothing beats the views and the windy road up and down the West coast of the USA.

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The Night’s Twinkle – Timelapse

The Night’s Twinkle is spectacular. On any given night you can see the sky riddled with beautiful shinning stars.

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Stunning Mountain Peaks of the Rockies

Mountain peaks come in all different shapes and sizes. The ones in the Rockies are no exception.

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A Year of Travel in Wallpapers – 53 Stunning Photos For You!

A year of travel takes you to many different places. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere and other times just right up the street from your local grocery store. Beautiful wallpaper pictures can be found anywhere.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – December 24th – Good Times

A light snow falls during a Winter evening in Banff, Canada. Good times to everyone!!!!

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Storms a Comin’ – Timelapse

A timelapse from the top of the cliffs of California’s coast capturing the “Storm of the Century” rolling in.

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A Stunning Hike Up Johnston Canyon – Ink Pots

One hike, two hours, three seasons, check it out!

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mountains, snow, moon, landscape, the rockies

Wallpaper Wednesday – December 17th – Tip Top

The moon joins a local mountain peak for a late afternoon chat.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – December 10th – Barely Lit

A sliver of light gleams through the trees and onto a row of tall grass.

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Sunrise From Mont Royal – Timelapse

Montreal has a beautiful hill in the center of the city. There are various outlook points and one that faces East for a beautiful sunrise.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – December 3rd – Foggy Mornings

No matter the weather, get out there and do what you love. Nothing like a foggy morning surf session!

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Wallpaper Wednesday – November 26th – Ink Pot Remains

The ink pots usually boast a range of colors but this time around, flooded with icy water, they seemed to be frozen in time.

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From East to West – Canada By Rail

From the East side to the West side! Now the real fun begins!!! =D

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Wallpaper Wednesday – November 19th – Ice Ice Baby

Ever been face to face with the edge of a glacier? It’s truly a stunning sight to see.

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mountians, snow, clouds, icefield parkway, canada

Wallpaper Wednesday – November 12th – Hidden

The mountains can hide but they can’t run. Even on a rainy day the Ice Field Parkway is stunning.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – November 5th – Basking in the Evening Sun

There’s no better feeling than Basking in the Evening Sun. Just ask mother nature, you’ll see.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – October 29nd – From the Train

Shooting pictures from the train is no easy feat. It takes a lot of patience, persistence and accuracy!

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One Moment Please

Have no fear we’ll be back on schedule in no time. On a side note, have you ever seen a moose?

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