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Pelicans Chillin – Wallpaper Wednesday

Can anyone guess what this is a picture of before reading on? Go Green =D

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We All Know What Happens at ‘Lovers Point’ – Photo Essay

We all know what happens at lovers point. We take really nice sunrise pictures, get your mind out of the gutter!

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green, bush, nature

Go Green – Wallpaper Wednesday

Can anyone guess what this is a picture of before reading on? Go Green =D

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sunset, joshua tree, national park, usa, california, nature, landscape

Boulder Land, Joshua Tree – Timelapse

Wait for it…. wait for it…. and BOOM, explosions in the sky at Boulder Land Joshua Tree, California.

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ocean, long exposure, water

Welcome to Mexico – Wallpaper Wednesday

New country, new rules, new landscapes, new adventures, new new new! Welcome to Mexico!

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The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach

Ever surfed a wave so long that you had time to plan out your day while riding it? If not, you should check out the The Endless Waves of Rincon Beach, CA.

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sunset, rocks, joshua tree, moon

New Moon Sunset – Wallpaper Wednesday

The USA hosts countless national parks, which is your favorite?

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A Fiery Sunset in the Marin Headlands – Timelapse

Watch as the sun’s flames engulf the sky.

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Crystal Green – Wallpaper Wednesday

Not every ocean has to be crystal blue to be beautiful. On the Cali coast crystal green water is where it’s at!

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Shoot Like It’s Film – Photo Project

How do you become a better photographer? Easy, shoot like it’s film!

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Van Life – Wallpaper Wednesday

This is our home. The van life is an interesting one, to say the least.

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Enveloped in Clouds – Timelapse

Watch as the clouds envelop the sky, mountains and each other. This timelapse is about 2-3 hours scaled down to around 30 seconds! Enjoy.

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Land of the Free, some restrictions apply, void where prohibited, state map, north america, us and canada, license plate, road trip,

From Paradise to the ‘Land of the Free’

It seems people mostly talk about how they become culturally shocked when they go to a new place, but what of reverse culture shock?

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seagull, bird, animal, gazing

Watching and Wishing – Wallpaper Wednesday

Seagulls have yet to master wave riding like Pelicans so who knows if this is true or not.

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Wide Load – EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Review

Looking for a wide angle in the canon lens series? The EF 17-40mm f/4L USM may be everything you want!

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golden gate, bridge, abstract, cables, black and white

Golden Gate – Wallpaper Wednesday

Close your eyes and take a trip back to 1933, now build the Golden Gate bridge =D.

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clouds, sky, blue, fluff

Gazing Upon the Fluff of the Sky – Timelapse

Take a few seconds to enjoy an hour outdoors. With a timelapse you can watch hours go by in merely seconds. Watch the fluff of the sky roll through.

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San Francisco’s Famous Ocean Beach

Looking for a combination of birds, people, life and miles of sandy beach? Ocean beach in San Francisco is the spot you’re searching for!

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coastline, beach, rocks, rocky beach

Coastal Giants – Wallpaper Wednesday

Silhouettes sitting on the beach with a history greater than we could imagine. Seen here as coastal giants.

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tall grass, grass, brown, nature

Field of Tranquility – Wallpaper Wednesday

Sit back, stretch your legs and gaze upon a field of tranquility. Imagine a warm breeze swaying the tall grass back and forth, now relax.

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